Celebrating Anniversary and Birthday!! Homeschool Style at the SE Homeschool Convention!

This weekend, we are celebrating my Husband’s birthday and our Anniversary.  We are on our way to the SouthEast Homeschool Expo.  This will be the first Homeschool Convention for my hubby…my second.  We are such newbies!  I am actually very excited about spending our weekend doing this.  My husband works some very long hours (I’m sure most of our husbands do) so, he has not been as involved as he would like to be in our learning adventures at home.  {Read More}

The #1 Mistake Homeschoolers Make?

Before I had children, I had visions of a happy, loving, ‘whistle as you work’ home/family.  Anyone else live in that fairy tale?  When I became a parent, I realized….fairy tales are just that.  That does not mean that we can not have loving and peaceful homes filled with laughter and…a few showers of tears.  With each phase of my children’s lives, I have had some fairy tale vision of how each phase would be…then, reality would kick in and I {Read More}

Warning: VIRUS (Organization hits the home of many!)…may lead to PEACE

I think there must be some subliminal messages going throughout the area I’m living in…..perhaps around the US!   Perhaps it is the Holy Spirit helping us cleanse our lives of things that keep our eyes off of Him.  This scripture has spoken to me in so many ways….today…it’s about peace 1Corinthians 15:33 For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. I found this one morning, as I was wrestling with a chaotic home…children talking over adults, not {Read More}