Voting, Gardening, Activity Bags, Cooking and Pampering Mom (all in one day!)

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Today, we ventured BACK to the garden.  YES,  I did….I finally went back.  It’s been a week….I was afraid to go back…those bugs, they were REALLY bugging me.  You know what bugged me more?  ME and my attitude towards the garden!  BUT, I did.  It became a homeschool day at the garden.  Would you like to know what we harvested?  CORN…lots of CORN!  Not just corn, but some tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and cantelopes!  We were truly blessed…today….and this past week, as we ate green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers….all from the teeny tiny seeds we planted.

We did not stop at the garden.  We went to a friend’s house….someone who has inspired me in many ways in the area of homeschooling.  She is not going to homeschool next year and had all of the Activity Bags from Book 1.  Have you used Activity Bags?  What a BLESSING!  My 4 yr old was so excited when we came home (still hot/sweaty from the garden).  WE sat and went through each bag….and then, he picked two he HAD to do right then…..sorting buttons by shape/color and then, tossing bean bags!!!  Next, he wanted to put together the picture frame we received when we attended a Bird Watching Class at Bass Pro Shop.  I was able to get a picture of that….I wasn’t in the midst of bean bags being tossed at the various targets!!  My little crazy guy had a great time….and loved ‘his time’ with Mommy…while Big Brother and Sister read their books from the library.

Geography Songs (You Never Forget What You Sing)
Next, we were off to the pool.  What a great way to spend a couple of HOT hours…having some fun in the sun.  What I loved the best….was my daughter coming up to me and saying…”Hey Mommy, listen to this”…she (and her little 4 yr old brother) began singing about the 7 Continents and 4 Oceans (a song we are learning in Core 2 from SonlightGeography songs)!  I wanted to cry….after all, if you read my post on Friday, you would have thought our homeschool was a ‘bust’….boy, was I wrong…my little ones are truly eating up everything we are reading/working on…and especially singing (they do say, if you want a child to learn something…teach them a song).

So, we just finished reading our two read alouds tonight (Red Sails to Capri and Walk the Worlds Rim)…and my daughter decided it was time to paint my toe nails…so, here’s to a great day and a great way to end it….a little Mommy pampering!  SWEET DREAMS!

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