Sharing With Robin at A Heart of Wisdom: Our Homeschool Room

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Robin at Heart of Wisdom is having a link up today…asking where you homeschool.  I love her inspirational blog.  If you have never visited before, I recommend you take a few minutes now and do so!
I have to admit, I love sharing pictures of our room.
It is one of my favorite rooms in our home.  It is multi-functional and overlooks our back yard.  ´╗┐We don’t just homeschool in this room, though.  We spread out throughout our entire home….living room, bed rooms, stairs…anywhere we want to be comfy.  That includes our yard or the park.  The great thing about our books..they pack up easily for a great day of learning…anywhere!  And, we don’t always need books to learn.  The world around us is full of things we need to learn about every day!  I hope you’ll join the link up!  I love being inspired by others!
Our big comfy couch, for reading.  My desk is in the middle.  This was my Grandmother’s dresser.  I love it and will keep it forever.  My two oldest children have desks on each side.  You will often find them giggling at the squirrels or watching the fawns frolick in our  yard!

One of our book shelves. This one contains our readers, read alouds and some of our books for Science and history.  Above is our cd player, music, DVDs and our Art board.
Our other book shelf contains a lot of my personal books, albums storage for school supplies, magaines, etc. 
This wall has our maps, calendar, graphs for temp and weather.
Throughout the day, I’m on the other side (in the kitchen) prepping snacks, lunch/dinner.
Love that this enables me to help the children and cook at the same time!
This is an old TV consule.  It is now a supply cabinet.  It has a few more items on it now…but, same usage!
This is our back patio/yard.  We spend a lot of time out here. 
Sometimes, we will pull out a tent or blankets and just enjoy the day
learning in nature!
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  1. LaughingLioness says:

    Rebeccas, I LOVE your room! It is so clean and bright. And your backyard is so inviting! Thanks for sharing ; )

  2. I love your room! It has that warm feel to it. Most of all..THAT PATIO! I would have school out there everyday if I could.

    Thought about you many times today my friend. You're in my prayers.

  3. The Adventurer says:

    I love seeing where people do their "School":) What a gorgeous backyard you have!!!

  4. Fed Church says:

    Wow, is it wrong to be jealous of your big, bright, beautiful room? (and those bookshelves!). Our 1850's cape doesn't have a whole lot of room for fun stuff like that in it!

    Our patio looks pretty similar, though (I think our chimnea is in the same corner – too funny!). Once the weather gets better I vow that we will do way more school outside!

    -Steph @ Momkaboodle