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 I know, I shared shared my curriculum last week…but, this weekend, I met some people I want to include…so…here it is…AGAIN!

AND..I couldn’t wait for the 3rd Annual NOT Back To School Blog Hop with Heart of the Matter (LOVE this blog…you need to, too! and you need to join them for their Facebook party on Monday, August 1st at 5:00pm…with Learn Our History!)



Bible: Answers For Kids, Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System, Songs and Memory Cards from Seeds Family Worship, and Daily Devotions from CBH Ministries

Character Training: Last year, I wrote this post about Character Training and I keep it close….to hold me accountable. In the meantime, our oldest is reading a book with Dad: Boyhood and Beyond , I will add one of these books from Door Posts at the SouthEast Homeschool Expo…and we will continue our daily reading of Proverbs.

History: Beautiful Feet: Early American History: Intermediate (little guy will listen in and create picture notebook pages). I am so excited about this new history program (it’s new to us.) It was created off of the Principle Method of teaching…and I fell in love with that method two years ago, but the curriculum I saw…scared me. Beautiful feet is the best of two worlds for us….and I can’t wait to begin!

We will also have fun learning history watching the videos from Learn Our History-> have you heard of them yet? They are co-founded by Gov. Mike Huckabee and have created (and are creating more) animated videos that teach our children our TRUE American History!

Geography: We will use this program that is an integrated program from Institute for Excellence and Writing and Beautiful Feet Books

 Science: Answers In Genesis (God’s Design for Heaven and Earth) and Apologia (Astronomy) (AiG has specific reading for different levels and little guy will focus mainly on the lower level in science)

Writing (combined for older two) Institute for Excellence in Writing: Teacher/Student Level A

Latin: Prima Latina (Little guy will begin writing Latin words, as he is able…mainly listening

Foreign Language: French/Spanish: Rosetta Stone (this is still up in the air a little. French would be easiest, as so much of the English language is a derivative of French and flows well with Latin)

Music: We will attempt violin at home and are hoping to take piano lessons. We will continue learning about the orchestra through The Story of the Orchestra. I really want to use Quaver Music this year…but, can’t right now…so, it’s on my wish list!  YES< I really want Quaver music…especially after I spent some time at their booth this weekend!  OH….they are launching something new/ free on Monday (that’s probably today..when you are reading this…) so, drop by their site and Dawn’s site: My Home Sweet Home…she’s on their Advisory team…and i JUST love her blog!

 It was so fun hanging out at the Quaver booth and meeting Dawn and Abby!  They are such sweeties and the Quaver Music Program looks like SO much fun!  It’s on my wish list for the future!

Art: Various art blogs and we’ll continue with Artistic Pursuits


Reading, Writing and Reading Comprehension: IEW PAL

Math: Math U See Primer

Various Books: A is for Adam, etc.

Third Grade

Grammar: Rod and Staff (year 3)

Math: Math U See Gamma

I was so excited to meet Mr. Steve Demme -> Math U See (Yes, I am SHORT and he is TALL!)  I missed his classes (because I was working at the event), but in the few minutes I spent with him…I have to tell you…he is such an amazing man…and so in love with Christ that love just pours out of him. Every time I saw him, he was surrounded with smiling/laughing children…and my own children thought it was pretty neat we met him.  We did not take the children with us to the Homeschool Convention in Atlanta…we were working with Answers in Genesis…and it was a weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday and our anniversary!  (hahaha…who would think someone could celebrate by working, but we find such joy in serving…especially volunteering with a company that we are passionate about their mission!

Handwriting: Classically Cursive Bible Primer

Phonics: Explode the Code and helping little brother with his IEW PAL program.

Reading: Sonlight Core 3 Readers

Other: Little Princess will get to pick various Unit studies 4 times through the year that interest her.

Fourth Grade

Grammar: Rod and Staff (year 4)

Math: Math U See Delta

Handwriting: Classically Cursive Shorter Catechism

Vocabulary: Dynamic Literacy

Reading: Sonlight Core 4 Readers

Other: Kamikaze will get to pick various Unit studies at least 4 times through the year that interest him

What are your curriculum choices for the year?

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  1. I had heard about the history animated videos and they look very interesting 🙂

    May you have a great school year!

    • Tamara,
      They are really good…We enjoy watching them….they’re fun and engaging…..!! Thanks for dropping by! Praying you have a blessed year, as well!

  2. Giggly Girls says:

    LOL The blog hop is my third go round with our curriculum. I just keep linking to the same post.

    My daughter and I are totally jealous that you met Mr. Demme. Love him!

    • Ah, yes…everyone is having parties to celebrate curriculum!!! OH, don’t be jealous…if you ever have a chance to attend a conference…and he is there, you must meet him…he is truly genuine and loves children!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  3. Hi Rebecca! I hopped over here from HOTM’s NOT Back to School Blog Hop and it’s so exciting to me to see other moms list their aspirations for their homeschool! I had already read your goodie list, which reminded me that I needed to add a few things, LOL!!! I do hope you’ll head over to see what’s going on at our homeschool!
    Thank you for sharing, and have a great year!

    • Sally, I remember your sweet comment from last week and will be by shortly…we had a crazy week with the homeschool conference, dh’s birthday and our anniversary…trying to get caught up, right now! Thanks for stopping by again!!!!

  4. How cool is it that you got to meet Math U See Steve?! We did Primer last year and loved it!

    • Hahah…Amy, I was a silly school girl at first….and could hardly speak. He is so tall and I’m so incredibly short….plus,he’s just so amazing with the way he teaches math. But, what a wonderful man he is!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Stef - Educating Layton says:

    my goodness – aren’t you a dainty little thing !!

    • Stef….hahahaha…..I lost 15 pounds this summer….weight I gained two years ago, that I did not know I gained until I was looking at pictures and thought…oh my…she could be a linebacker with those shoulders! LOL….it’s the pool….not sitting by it, but getting in, playing, swimming and treading water with the kiddos….I don’t know what I’ll do when summer is over!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Tristan, Thanks! My children enjoy it, too…it’s nice having something to listen to….together!

  7. That is great that you got to meet Mr. Demme! 🙂 I am sure he’s a hoot to meet in person! 🙂 Your curriculum line up is great! Thanks for participating and happy homeschooling this year!

  8. Stopping by from the Blog Hop. I had not heard of the history videos, but they look very interesting! Looks like you have a great year planned.

  9. Happy Anniverary! I’ve just been hanging out on facebook following Heart of the Matter’s Learn Our History Party. I think I’m convinced to get them. Great list of curriculum. Enjoy your school year.

    • Thanks! Wasn’t the party fun! I absolutely LOVE Learn our History! Did you win? If not…I really recommend purchasing the videos…even if you only purchase on every other month or so! Thanks for dropping by!

  10. Your year sounds awesome! We just switched over to Math U See this year and I just love his sense of humor!

    • We switched our first year…..I found that the program we were using was just pushing my daughter too fast. Math U See has been such a blessing in our home! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. Awesome line up of curriculum! I got to see Steve Demme speak awhile back and enjoyed it. He’s really awesome and makes math make so much sense!!

    Learn Our History sounds awesome, I’ll go check it out!

  12. Thanks for dropping by…I just won a copy of the WWII- Lessons through History last night. Can’t wait to try it out!

  13. I hope you have a great year! Thanks for sharing.


    • Lynn, I LOVE your list for the year! I know you and your family will be busy, but well blessed. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment!

  14. I just found you through the HOTM not back to school blog hop. I like the Kamikaze idea. I may have to try and incorporate something like that! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks for pointing out the add ons for the Seeds of Worship cds. I hadn’t seen them before, and I think they will work perfectly with our studies.

  16. Sounds like you are very organized and all set for your year. I struggle with the French vs. Spanish one too. I speak French fluently, so of course, it would be easiest for me to teach to the kids, but Spanish is one of the fastest growing languages in the world, so I think it will be the most useful for my kids especially if they want to do international missions someday.

    • Sharla, I am jealous! I took four years of french and can not remember anything (ok, maybe a few words)…..I spent two years in Okinawa…and still remember some Japanese and a little Spanish from my private kindergarten days (way back….)……I think we’ll do spanish. I already have it loaded on the computer and next year…..French… Organized somewhat…still ironing out the wrinkles! Thanks for stopping by!