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It’s time to share our classrooms for this school year. I am really excited about our changes and the way our homeschool is growing.

This was my post last year for our Homeschool Class room.

It has changed a bit since then.   I needed a bigger desk so that my children could sit next to me (individually). Now, we have less floor space and we had to move our big comfy couch out.  But, it works and I know we are blessed to have such a nice area for our ‘home’ base for school!

I love our windows and my desk has a lot of space.  The children’s desks are positioned ‘in front’ of mine.  However, they generally travel through the house to do their work.  Their desks are mainly their ‘storage’ area and a place for them to work if they need it.  However, the floor, their beds, kitchen table…are many favorite places.

I do like the new book shelf I found at the same yardsale where I found my desk.  That has been a nice ‘new’ addition.

I have a few maps I want to have laminated, as well as our “Seven C’s” poster.  Once I have that laminated, I’ll hang it up above the ‘window’ into the kitchen.  If you look behind the easel, you’ll see, I have our flags and calendar.  Below that is the white magnet board for my little guy’s phonics.  I love having windows on two walls and my book shelf, but that reduces wall space. So, we have to double-up in some areas!

Our crafts/paints, etc are kept in a pantry/closet below our stairs.  I would like to have them ‘out’. But, there isn’t any room for them.  This works and the children know where to find them!

The children still enjoy going outside (when it isn’t too hot) and working out there….

so, while I wish we still had our big comfy couch in our class we are fully enjoying our entire home more!

OH, today is the first day of Public school in our area we are going to celebrate with “School at the Pool” We’ve packed our books and will head up to the pool to splash/play and enjoy the beautiful day (as long as the weather holds out).  During the cooler months, we’ll head to the parks and enjoy learning in the open and playing during breaks!  Do you enjoy special times like that?

How are you enjoying your class around your home? 

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  1. I love your updates, Rebecca. You’ve given your room the “official” school feel, while keeping it warm and cozy. Love it!

    • Robin, thanks! You think it still feels warm and cozy? I really miss our couch….but, it’s just in a different room and still a great place to snuggle!

  2. We had to move our reading chair out as well. 🙁 I need a big desk too, although I doubt I could score one at a yard sale! Right now, I don’t even have one upstairs.
    Great space!

    • OH, you would be surprised what you can find at yard sales! We found our kitchen table for $25 and I get the MOST compliments on it!!!

  3. What a great space – and I love the big windows!

  4. ha! we are the same way! We have a great space and we do great work there…but we prefer to work at the dining room table together, to read in the living room together and the girls do their math in their own rooms!

    • Theresa, I saw your post and I think I commented almost the exact same thing on yours! hahaha! Hope you’re having a BLESSED day!

  5. Love your space! I am trying to venture more around the house for schooling but then I feel like we have messes in every room, lol. My youngest is 3 so for now, it’s best to keep all our main schooling in the school room. Can’t wait to sit outside and “do school” when the weather cools down.

    Have a great school year!

    • Julie, I understand about a ‘little’ one. My five yo was 3 when we started homeschooling….It is nice, though, to pack up and go to the pool/park and enjoy nature….Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Your room is great and so spacious. We school mostly at the kitchen table too, but it sure is nice to have the space to store all of the stuff 🙂

    • Jenn, so true. We did not have this the first year we homeschooled…but, as our books increase…so does our need for space and bookshelves. My husband and I are considering some built-ins I found on Pinterest.

  7. Thanks! The room was an add-on, by previous owners. The biggest problem…is the room does warm up…but, it is a blessing!

  8. Your school area looks so warm and cozy! It looks like a very inviting place to learn.

  9. Looks like a great school space! (And I just got our big wall map laminated, even after it hung up ALL year last year!)

    • Thanks! I am hoping to make it to the school box for a good deal on laminating soemthing that big…my little laminator can’t do it!

  10. I like the windows too and then the desk is awesome! 🙂

  11. Such a great room! I love the green on your art shelves. So fun! Thanks for sharing such a great space.

  12. Love your space!!! I love all of your craft supplies too, my kids would have a hay day!

  13. Love your white bookshelf! Have a great year!