Loving our New History–> which gets at the heart of Self-Government

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We recently began learning the truth about American History, the original founders and where they were from.  What we learned…is different from what I was taught in school, and I want to share that with you.

The truth of American history begins with an understanding that God created all things, including the Geography of each continent…and that his design was created for a purpose, that leads to the purpose of each country and there in, each person…..and we began to read about Erik the Red and his son,  Lief

 I only heard about Ponce De Leon and Christopher Columbus…

Who are these people – This Erik and Lief?

You probably know…they were Norsemen….who were kicked out of their country because they lacked ‘self government’.

Yet, God used that…..and if you read their story….you know that leads to America….

His true Providential History is unfolding in front of my eyes…


At the end of the History lesson, the children drew a map that identified Norway, Iceland and Greenland….this is the picture my sweet girl drew.  I just had to share it

After we finished school, my daughter and I turned the news on for a few minutes…and she made a comment that cut me to the core…let me set the scene.  For the past few days, we have been learning about being Self-Governed versus needing someone to govern over you. This is taught in the main ‘history’ book that came with our curriculum:  America’s Providential History.  So far, we have read about the fact that man governs himself based on the laws he lives by.  If those laws come fromGod, it’s a higher law than ones from man. This book points out that as Americans become less self-governed they grow to not only be more governed by the government, but to need that type of governing, because they can not make good, sound judgement.  It also points out that a man can not lead a country, state, county, or city, if he can not lead his own family.  How many times have we turned on the television to find someone else….doing something that is degrading / bad character. That is because of a lack of Self-Government (self control)…..and it’s sad.

So, I turn on the news and the first thing my daughter hears is someone blaming something they did on someone else.  She looked at me and said “Mom, why can they get by with continuing to blame their behavior and actions on someone else?  You won’t let me blame my actions on my brothers…even when they do REALLY upset me or do something wrong. Why don’t we see these people having self-’government?”

I was amazed that she caught onto that and thankful for this curriculum…and the wonderful poems and copy work we have been working on…..here is a copy of today’s work.  I printed up some nice Celtic print paper from NotebookingPages.com and had my children write their copywork on them prior to adding them to their notebooks for the day.

Are you using anything new?  Have you found great new ways or learning with and teaching your children this year?  Leave me a note, or send me your link….I would love to see it!

disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

Please note, this post contains affiliate links. See disclosure for full information


  1. Absolutely love that world map picture!!

  2. Wow, Rebecca! What an awesome map your daughter drew! And what insight she has to draw such conclusions from what she witnessed going on on television! It certainly looks like you got a perfect match with that history curriculum! :-)

    We haven’t started our new year yet, but we will be using some new curricula choices, and I pray that we will have as much success with them as you have had already with yours!

    Many blessings,

    • Lisa, Thanks….we read about self-governing and self control earlier in the day in this curriculum….I think it really helps for them to see something in writing and have the Biblical basis for it….

  3. Very interesting…