Teaching the little one to read: my biggest fear!

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I admit it…my biggest fear about homeschool this year was teaching my little guy to read.

But, that fear…it is dissipating.

Why was I afraid?

My first two children were taught in Public school….ok..my first one was, my second is struggling because…well, she wasn’t taught and now, we’re still working through that…but, she has come a LONG way.

So this year, I began with my jaw a little tight.  You know what I’m talking about….going into something thinking…OH BOY….this is going to be


But you know what…it hasn’t.

And I just wanted to share that.

and if I can do this….you can, too!

He isn’t reading yet…but, I can tell..it’s in there.  He’s getting it.  He’s learning his phonics, and the cute letter stories for each letter/sound, and we have a few sight words down as well.

It isn’t because I’m some magical mommy, either…please don’t think that..or think that i think that…hah, we both know better!


I just found something that works for us….Remember that IEW PAL review I wrote?  Well…it’s working! and tonight, he wanted to play one of his games.  Yes, you read that right….it wasn’t ‘school time’…it was play time and he pulled out his folder and fed Mugs and then….fed his Monster the sight words…

So, here he is..this cute little guy that keeps this Mama laughing non stop…..

Do you have a little one who keeps you laughing too?  Are they hitting some milestones?  I would LOVE to hear about those amazing moments!







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  1. Rebecca – this is wonderful!! What a great testament to you and to your little man, that he is excited and enjoying learning!! Way to go :)

  2. Morning my friend….I will admit I did not even teach Zachary how to read, he pretty much did it on his own….the LEGO Catalog was his “bible” for a long time at bedtime and we read each night together..I guess he picked it up…now my 7 yr old reads chapter books like they are “butta”! lol

    praying you are all safe and healthy!

    • Hey there!!! I have heard so many say their kids just ‘learned’ to read….that hasn’t really happened here….but, it’s all good and amazing that we all learn so differently! LOVE that your 7yr old reads chapter books like they are ‘butta’…that made me smile!!! We are safe/healthy…love seeing your adventures!

  3. Rebecca, I can’t wait until Augs is old enough to start learning how to read! We’ve got such a big children’s library over here it isn’t even funny – I guess that’s what you get when your husband is an English major and your Mom is a Children’s Librarian! Milestones for now? Well, he’s learning to rollover and has finally mastered the whole eating from a spoon thing. Honestly, this is going by way too fast! Blessings, sister-friend!

    • Alle, sweet friend! What an amazing inspiration you have been to me these past few months! I love those milestones!! Spoons and rolling over. Hold on to them…..capture those sweet memories and never, ever wish a second to go by any faster….because one day…you’ll blink…and he will be 10 (my oldest turns 10 next week….wow!) Thanks for dropping by and commenting!!!!

  4. I was terrified to teach Jonathan to read. Thankfully he seemed destined to be an early reader and easily learned to read. He has gone from not reading at the beginning of Aug 2010 to now in Aug 2011 reading at around a 3rd grade level. He read Magic Tree House #1 and Boxcar Children #1 to me this summer. Oh, and he is 4.5 years old. I used 100 EZ lesson to gauge is readiness but we quickly dropped it for Spell to Write & Read and Pathway Readers and Workbooks. Jonathan absolutely loves the Pathway readers and workbooks.

    • Amanda, Thank you for that! I love the way you were able to find what worked for your son. I think that’s (one) of the great things about homeschooling…is knowing we can be flexible and help our children learn in a manner that suits them best!!!!