Marco Polo– Our fun traveling with him

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I am loving learning our history this year with Beautiful Feet Books.

Last week, we learned about Marco Polo with Beautiful Feet Books .  They are so committed to finding excellent living books, that they are not afraid to tell you when they can not find one.  This was our first unit of them identifying that for us.  However, they recommended some reading from National Geographic.   I was able to locate these two sites from National Geographic: National Geographic:  Marco Polo Part 1Marco Polo Part 3 and we read a book from a previous Curriculum called:  Marco Polo

As we read through the book the children narrated back to me what they learned and then, they wrote their narration on a nice notebooking page from

We traveled through Marco Polo’s life using this Interactive Map:  Marco Polo’s Journey .  I thought this was a great way to help the children understand how far he traveled and some of the lands he had to travel through!

I did find this map that I liked and printed them for the children to include in their notebook.  I decided not to have them trace this one (like they did previously for Lief the Lucky) because we were busy working on other things.

Once we finished our reading and writing,  found this movie on NetFlix.  Now, some of this movie is definitely not appropriate (LOVE that I can ff through scenes on NetFlix)  So, be prepared to edit if you decide to watch it with your family.

Now, if your children are older or you’re wanting to learn more about Marco Polo, some of the roads that he traveled, what they would be like today, you would enjoy this site that includes a video that was nominated for an Emmy:  ‘In the Footsteps of Marco Polo’

Side note:  This year, we are using the Original Blue Black Speller for our Spelling.  So, there are days where I will write down a few words and have the children copy them.  I also identify words in their papers that need to be corrected. However, I do not correct them on that paper. I make a list and go back later. Again with copy work.

We have had so much fun this year with reading, notebooking and finishing up our units with a movie when we have been able to find one!  What fun things have you been learning?

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  1. Hi there, so glad you are having FUN this year in school…makes it much more exciting for all!

    • Melissa, Thanks! I am finally at a point where I can do these things. Last year…we were involved in so many things outside…we didn’t get to do some of the ‘fun’ stuff we enjoyed the first year! Definitely a lesson learned!! PLUS…amazing Moms like you have been inspiring me!

  2. What fun! Marco Polo was one our favorites to study. Have you seen the Silk Road Project? They have some good resources.

    We’re studying the Sumer civilization, and plan to make a cunieform. Still working on gathering all the supplies. Happy Tuesday! ☺

    • Larri!!! Thank you! I need to go through that and add it to the post (with your name next to it, of course!) Really wish you were here….need to send you some links to some events I think you would be interested in. BTW…did you see, Angie Smith’s book is out: What Women Fear….hmmm….sounds like a conversation we had standing on some stairs in Atlanta! I thin I’m going to join the (in)Courage book club for this one…want to join me?

  3. I am SO impressed with all of the work that you did on the Marco Polo unit! Wow! Can you come here and put together some units for us? lol. :-)))) It really is awesome how you incorporated visual, kinesthetic and auditory components to the lessons. The kids will remember all of that far more than if they just had to sit in a desk and listen to someone drone on about Marco Polo!

    We are trying out Sonlight this year for American History. I am looking forward to all of the literature and I also purchased a hands-on American History kit from Hands and Hearts. I am looking forward to doing all of the different activities and crafts associated with early America.

    Many blessings!

    • Lisa, Don’t be impressed. I had to do it….because I did not receive the book. We used Sonlight in the past and I loved having all of the plan made for me….but, then a friend mentioned BFB…and I have fallen so in love with them. You’ll have to let me know what you think about your lessons this year…I have that same Core and am pulling our reading from it….Need to pull in some crafts for my kiddos…..oy! It’s fun…and a LOT to do, isn’t it!

  4. I am just going into a Marco Polo unit with my 8th grader, lol! Well, he’s covering all early explorers, but this week is Marco Polo, so this is a great post for me! Thanks for the movie and video links… I’ll check ‘em out for sure :D