Ten Days of Growing Leaders: Day 10 Key 7 You NOT Them

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I hope you have enjoyed the Ten Day Blog Hop hosted by Heart of the Matter.  I have truly enjoyed reading all of the posts everyone wrote to encourage, strengthen and bring new ideas, meals, apps, peace, teaching methods, etc into your homes.

With that being said…let’s jump into day Number 10

Key 7 for Growing Leaders:





Yes, Moms and Dads…it always comes back to that, doesn’t it?


You (that includes me…) have to set the example.  “The best mentors are continually learning and pushing themselves.  Read the classics. Study hard.  This allows you to take the ‘agency’ approach to teaching, to let your students have a say in what they study next. ‘What are we going to do today, son?  What is our next classic?’

‘Well, I’ve been thinking about that….’

Okay, I will commit to study it, ponder and think about it and we’ll discuss it.’ Then study hard pay the price in your own study, and require quality work from the student.  A great mentor is not only one who gives assignments, but also one who accepts them and thereby allows the student to begin practicing leadership.  A key part of setting the example is letting the student take the lead as often as possible, free choice is an essential part of learning to think.” (TJED pg 53)


You have to truly become a mentor:  someone your children trust and aspire to become…

A mentor does not give an assignment and walk away expecting the child or mentee to do what they have been told with truly any great return.


Today’s society talks about improving education and just yesterday, we voted to increase spending in our local schools.  Talking and throwing money at something does not change it.


If you want true change in your home, you must start with the only person you have true control over:  YOU.

“Children tend to rise to the educational level of their parents, and maybe a little above if their parents have shown them that this is important.  The most effective way to ensure the quality of education is to consistently improve your own.”  (TJED 53)


Now, here is a true moment of honesty….  I have always LOVED reading.  I never truly fell in love with the classics…until a few years ago when I sat down with my middle child to read Charlotte’s Web.

Yes, you read that right.

Me, I can pick up a book and devour it.

But, if you handed me one that really pushed me…well, I fought with every fiber of my bone.  I learned that reading was only supposed to be fun when I was little

And when it became hard work, I fought it with every bit of fiber I had in my body.

I learned what I had to learn to pass a test, get a good great, a good job….and well, that was it.


Recently, I took my children on a quick road trip to visit family.

We were near a state park…that I had visited as a child.

It is an Archaeological gold-mine of information that has provided scientific information regarding the original inhabitants of our continent.

And it is FREE!

I was so excited…..I jumped up one morning; got dressed and announced to my children we were going.  One of my family members then said:  “I’m not going. I’ve been there and don’t need to go back.”  Another said:  “I’m not a history buff and don’t enjoy that kind of thing.”

Can you guess what my children said?

Yes, you know…

“Oh, Mom….we don’t want to go, it will be boring!”


Not more than a month ago, we visited a local Archaeological dig…for a Frontier-Fort.  My boys had the opportunity to dig and actually find china that dated back to the days of Jamestown.

They were so excited…and said they could not wait to do more things like that.

How quickly had they forgotten?

How loud were the voices around them?

I could have forced them.  I could have become angry at the impact my family had just had on my children’s outlook on this amazing opportunity.

I did not.

I did the only thing I could think of…I prayed.

Over the next two days, I talked about this Historical site.  How I had enjoyed it as a child…and how I remembered going with my Mother.

I gave my children little bits of information (wishing I had a book or had been better prepared)….and after two days, they were ready to go.

Here’s the kicker…

Now that they were ready…it was closed.

That was the ONLY day of the week it was closed.


This experience opened my eyes to several things.

The most important is that it was about ME!

I wanted to go.

I had not prepared my children…


Now, I did go back and speak with my family in a loving and gentle manner.  I explained that they were so important in my children’s education.  That it did not and does not just start and end with me.

I asked them…in the future, if they did not like something…to ‘not like it’ quietly.

That I’m undoing years of FORCE


I am ready to inspire.


I want people around my children who inspire them….


And that brings me to another portion of You, Not them…we have to apply lessons to life.


Children will learn and grow as their ‘studies intersect with real life.  Mentors must constantly have students involved in applying the things they are learning.’ (TJED 54)


George Wythe had Jefferson and his other students attend the Virginia parliament, court cases, and other events and then discuss the similarities and differences between current events and the writings of the classics. Thomas Jefferson was present the day Patrick Henry gave his “Give me Liberty or Death speech, and it had a major impact on him.”  (TJED pg 54)


Wow, can you imagine how Jefferson’s life would have been impacted if he had not heard Patrick Henry give that speech.

We will never know the true impact that had on our Founding Father who was the primary author of:  The Declaration of Independence


Yes…it all ends with YOU…


But, before you go…here is a quick summary of what we have discussed:

Be mindful of the phases of development your child is in.

Allow them to grow in love with learning.

You do not need a big box of expensive curriculum.  Keep It Simple, Silly.

Read the Classics, discuss them…and set an example of quality work.


If you are interested in digging deeper….you can find

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