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My family enjoys a good book and a good movie.  I also love it when both can be utilized to learn about our current areas of study, as well as enhancing character training in our home.  Zeezok Publishing has recently accomplished that for us!  Zeezok was established in 2003, we believe “It is better to build children than to repair men.”  Their desire to create products that will assist you in developing your family’s love for God and country.


So, how did Zeezok enhance our character training?  We recently had an opportunity to review one of their Z-Guide to the Movies!  What a GREAT experience!  My family is focused on American History this year and recently read Johnny Tremain.  So…we were blessed to receive the Z-Guide for Johnny Tremain.


The Z-Guide Begins with a topic overview.  This gives more information about the timeperiod….and is followed by a synopsis of the movie.  I enjoyed reading both of these for Johnny Tremain and learned things I did not know!

Once you have read the overview, etc you move into some great activities:

      • Movie Review Questions
      • Cross Word Puzzles
      • Coloring Pages
      • Other Activities that include answering questions (about the time/subject of your Z-guide) using internet and print sources
      • Our Z-Guide included Excerpts from the Rights of British Colonies, Patrick Henry’s Speech:  “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”, Challenge to memorize the Declaration of Independence, Mazes and questions for a family discussion.
My son and I thoroughly enjoyed working through this together.  It is designed for a middle school student and he is still in elementary.  While he could answer most of the questions and complete the activities on his own, he did need a little guidance. Which was completely fine with me…it was great sitting by him and discussing Johnny Tremain, his character, his beliefs and how he ‘grew’ through the movie!
I personally LOVE that they provided a “How to Use This Guide” with a five-day plan.  we did move a few things around…but, overall, it was a very well thought out plan and I always appreciate it when a publishing company puts efforts into help you identify a good plan to start with.  I felt quite comfortable changing a few little things, but overall, stuck to the plan they had created.
This Z-Guide is available from Zeezok for $12.99 in CD / ebook single and $49.99 for co-op/classroom rate.
Zeezok also offers the movie in DVD format for $15.98
  • Fly Boys
  • Sergeant York
  • The Ten Commandments
  • and many others!!!
In addition to movie guides,they offer curriculum, books and supplements in:
  • Government and History
  • Presidential Penmanship
  • Great Musician Series
  • Reading and Literature
  • eBooks
  • Audio Books

All in all, we give Zeezok Z-Guides to the Movies TWO thumbs up!  Don’t just take our word for it…read the other reviews from members of the TOS Crew! We will be using them in the future and were blessed to receive the Z-Guide to review for the Old School House Crew (no other compensation was received.)

As a small side note…while we loved the Z-Guide…the price (for us) would be a small problem.  I believe it may be for many…..but, it is a great way to enhance a study using a movie.




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  1. What an interesting product. Never heard of it before. Great review.