Miscellaneous RE-Birth-Day Blessings

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It’s early Monday morning here…

the school bus has already picked up the highschool students in our neighborhood.

Our children…are nestled in their beds…

This past weekend was possibly one of the best of my life.

1210. I turned 40

There, I said it.

This birthday has been one that I have often wondered “What will I feel like?  Will it be different.  Will I ‘feel’ different?”

1211. I found the answers.  It felt wonderful.  It was just a wonderful weekend with my family and friends.  It was a glorious weekend filled with the beauty of the resurrection!

1212. It was not a birthday focused on wants or needs.

1213. God has provided everything this heart has ever wanted…

1214. a loving husband who leads our family

1215. three children….who love me regardless of my many mistakes

1216. friends who love us deep….and invited us over for Easter dinner and our children enjoyed their first swim of the year!

Me…I celebrated by giving to my children…

1217.  A Day on Dusty’s Farm

Jessica on the farm

1218.  Dusty passed away not too long after we were reunited….but a new friend recently went to live on his farm…and is now part of our home…What a blessing Chris has been to us….our hearts bonded as we walked her farm, the children ran,played and well…Tucker came home with us.  What  a blessing.  Dusty’s farm is not too terribly far from us…and we will be visiting more often.  When I say Chris and I bonded…she is truly a woman of God, and mentored me over such a short time on Friday.  We shared joys and hurts…and as she asked me questions, learning my heart, she helped me gain understanding…about things I had not truly considered.  I am blessed by her friendship…and can not wait to see how it grows


1219.  A trip the library, picnic at the park…and a little treat at Rita’s.  The best part about Rita’s…..is this. Our library is across the railroad tracks and a road…from Rita’s.  However, our town has built a tunnel under the rail road track….between the two.  My youngest always talks about walking through that tunnel when his brother and sister were in school.  So, I piled the kids in the car last week for a trip to the ‘libary’….we got out of the car…and instead of heading right in the library, we took an adventure through the tunnel.  The kids thought it was the best…and then, Rita’s, of course…was a hit!



1220.  Egg-Dyeing and hunting.  What great memories I have from my childhood of dyeing Easter Eggs and then going on hunts.  I love the way my oldest still gets into it…enjoying creating fun eggs…and then…I wish I could have captured the hunt that ensued afterwards.  The love and laughter as the kids ‘egg’d’ one another on to find as many eggs as possible…

Easter Eggs


1221….no pics…dinner and swimming with friends we have known since we moved to the Atl.  They are like family to us.  I am beyond blessed by their friendship and love!

I’m counting my blessings and threading some miscellaneous (Monday) moments of our lives…while trying to be a Better Mom

Are you counting some Miscellaneous Mom Moments today?

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  1. Glad you’re finding 40 is a great age! ☺ What fun to spend time with friends at the farm. Your children will remember these moments forever.

    Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet friend. So inspired by this post.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! So glad you had a wonderful celebration and a beautiful Easter!

    That tunnel trip to Rita’s must have been fun!!!

  3. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    I adore that farm pic with the cows in the back ground – I love your gratitude posts- and cant wait to celebrate your birthday with you again 😉 later this month – Mine’s in August – yikes- 42 – but it’s ok – cause God is healing me now! (read my post) 🙂

  4. Such beautiful blessings with peaceful and joyful living in each. Happy Birthday to you!

  5. Love it! sounds like a fantastic birthday and Easter weekend filled with fun and great memories!

  6. stopping by to say Hi (cause I can)! Wishing you the most BLESSED EASTER SEASON! XO

  7. I am SO glad that you had a wonderful birthday and a happy and blessed Easter! 🙂 What beautiful memories you are always making with your children!

  8. My dear friend, I just turned 50! It still sounds so weird to say, but I am 50 years old. Half a century.

    God has, indeed, brought us safe thus far, and He will lead us home.

    Many blessings to you, Rebecca. God has big plans for you. He’s using you in mighty ways.

  9. Love this sweet friend!! Sorry that I’m late saying Happy Birthday!!!

    You are such a blessing, over flowing with joy and warmth!