Getting Stuck

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Almost every day I share some special ‘wisdom’ with my children.

The one bit of wisdom I share more often is:  Try something new and always try doing something you don’t like/enjoy (of course this falls within the preface that whatever it is falls within the guidelines of our belief system and the rules we have as a family.

Recently pondered the question:

Do I Model this for my children?

Admittedly:  NO

As the year winds down and we find that we have more time, more freedom and a LOT of really nice weather, I’m venturing out more

I’m putting myself on the line and showing my children that even this Mom can venture out of my comfort zone.

I am handing over the camera more.

Basketball Step One

I’m bending the knees and joining them in the activities they enjoy (even when I do not)

Bending Your Knees

I’m reaching up and shooting for those activities I loved (and a few I did not love) as a child.

I’m not just DOING – I am sharing, showing, learning and loving with them.

As I shoot for those goals sometimes, my form may be perfect.

Most often I’m showing less than perfection

I’m showing humility


by hitting the goal and not showing off

by missing the goal and not hanging my head

Shoot Goal

and sometimes…

I get stuck

in the moment

unaware of the next step that may be necessary

and in those moments, I find…

that Getting Stuck Can Lead to Teaching and Learning More.

Getting Stuck Can Lead to Teaching and Learning More

Me, I’m still learning and growing.

I will stop both of those..when I stop seeking new direction, new wisdom, new knowledge

That is not where I want to be stuck

Hanging in a basket waiting for someone to pull me out

I have an awesome opportunity to share and learn with my children

To model and to grow

and so do you!

Are you ever stuck?  Do you find the beauty of learning and teaching in those moments?





I’m updating this post to answer Cindy’s question ( Get Along Home) – she asked if the ball really did get stuck or did I stage it?  Well, Cindy, it was not staged – but, I WAS warned that the ball would get stuck (I failed to listen) tto my little guy.  We had to ask my oldest to come over and get the ball out. Not a GREAT way to get the ball out but, he did it, none the less….

Get Ball Out of basket

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  1. Thought provoking. I have felt the same way lately. We have fallen into a textbook rut and how tragic when I have the opportunity to explore, share, and live so far beyond. I need to start creating memories. Love the pics.

  2. Awesome :-)

  3. Wisdom and truth. How often do I not understand why my kids do not want to try and do new things. They do not have anyone in their life showing them that adventure. So often I find myself becoming irritated by their want to, “just spend time with mommy.” Thank you Rebecca for you insight and the reminder that everything does not need to be done today.

    • All too often, I get stuck in my own rut….and need to venture out of it. They’re growing me in ways I never imagined….Love ya, sweet friend!

  4. Oh, I think I get stuck about twice a day. ;-)

    Did you really get your ball stuck, or did you do that on purpose for the picture?

  5. Stefanie Brown (@stefanieybrown) says:

    I always love your transparent insight. What a beautiful lesson to learn and apply!
    Happy Thought Provoking Thursday, my friend…

  6. Love the pictures! And the post says it all. Yes, we need to get into the game with our kids. I need to too! Thanks for the reminder… but I may need another one during and after this move!!! Thanks for being my friend! <3

    • Jen, I”ll be here to encourage you~ I can’t wait to read about your new adventure…wish I could join you with some chickens/cows…..sounds FUN!

  7. Oh, I love this! I love that you are playing and growing and sharing life with your kids – which I starting to realize might be more important than drumming math facts into them!

  8. what a great post. such a good reminded for all of us as moms! We need to model these things for our kids. :)

  9. Yay! This is a great lesson! I go in spurts with it…but I know I feel better about myself as a mom when I do let go more, get into what they are doing, try new things…

  10. Rebecca, I truly believe you have taught your children more by going out of your comfort zone and not “hanging your head” if things didn’t go your way. Your wisdom, grace and perserverance, even in something like a basketball game taught them more than a dozen chapters in a book could have! Kudos to you! You are awesome, my friend! :-)