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My little guy has been sitting by, patiently watching his sister play Always Ice Cream for several months. Ok, maybe NOT so patiently…but, he’s been watching and every now and then, she will let him play….but NOW…he is no longer captivated by what she is doing…but, is enjoying his own fun with


If you follow my blog, you’ll know that while I appreciate technology, I do not want it to be the focus of our home…and I question the integrity (from a Biblical World view) of many products on the market.  So many games have hidden messages that I just don’t want my children focusing on a lot.

Clever Dragons is a bit different, though.  This game is so fun…it pulls me in.  Because my son is not a full-fledged reader, someone has to sit with him to help him through most of the steps of the game.  Now, he is reading some….but, he is not comfortable in it yet, and I am working HARD not to frustrate him by pushing him through reading…and this keeps it fun (he loves sitting and explaining the game to me….so, he actually thinks he gets to teach Mommy a few things… are you sitting there smiling with me?  I hope so!)

Clever Dragons Games 1

I love the various games my son can play…and not just that he can play them, but he is excited to play them.  Clever Dragons is a great tool for any home for some seriously fun learning.  That doesn’t mean it’s “EASY” learning, though.  This does push it a little for my son, but he is enjoying it.

I love the various game categories:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography/History, Computer Skills, Foreign Languages, Religion (and a little test prep)….and the fact that Clever Dragons added in Music & Art is is a HUGE plus for me!  Too often, it’s easy to forget the importance of music and arts….

Speaking of music, Clever Dragons has some fun music to listen to while your playing…including classical.  You can direct which music you want to play, or you can turn it off.

My children were so thrilled to see the Bible Quiz and Bible Verse Game.  We have some serious competition going on in our home to see who can memorize Bible verses before another person…and who can remember them longer than everyone else.  I won’t divulge who’s winning, but I will say, I think she’s a pretty cute little red-head!

So far, I have not had any concerns with the Biblical knowledge of Clever Dragons.  If anything….I have found it refreshing to hear information that is straight forward.

The Basic Anatomy game is fun.  It’s interesting watching the children (the first few times) identify the organs of the body.  After one or two games…they have a better knowledge of our internal organs than I do!

Clever Dragons 3

The Dragons and Colors games…..along with the Dog Breeds Quiz keeps my little guy laughing (and learning)…his giggles and stomach laughs absolutely bring joy to this Momma’s heart as I sit next to him while he plays.

Now, as a parent, I love that I can control the grade that he is using…and that Clever Dragons can grow with him up through 8th grade. I do not know if he will still be interested that long, but I do believe this will be a favorite for several years.

Clever Dragons is available to purchase, at various rates:

  • Monthly Subscription for:  $5.95 (with a first month special of $0.99)
  • Two-Month Membership:  $11.90 ($5.95/month)
  • Annual Membership:  $47.40 ($3.95/month)
  • Lifetime Membership-Spring special AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH MAY 7 :  $69.00   AFTER May 7,the price will be the normal $129.00
  • Family Lifetime Membership (Good for 4 children) : $259.00
  • PLEASE visit this page for more details and any price changes

One last note:  I spent yesterday cleaning our homeschool room, pulling out books, organizing, preparing for our new school year…and my youngest spent some time playing on Clever Dragons….he has been playing inside quite a bit over the past two weeks, due to a full leg cast.  While he was playing and I was throwing sorting books into various storage boxes (to keep/sell)…and my little guy yells – “HEY MOM-these people are Christians! Look, they are writing GOD on the screen!”  He was so excited to see this.  Me, I was very thankful to know…that while my son (and daughter on Always Ice Cream) can learn to chat with others online…it’s a very safe environment with many eyes behind the scenes making sure all conversations are safe….as they moderate EVERYTHING.  However, as a parent, I do not take the fact that my children are online LIGHTLY.  I am very diligent in maintaining their safety…and I encourage you to do the same. READ HERE to see how Clever Dragons takes children’s safety seriously.

Here is my advice:  Take advantage of the special that is available only through May 7th.  If you can’t afford $69 right now (I fully understand that)…..  The Annual Membership for $3.95 is a very good price, as well.

Clever Dragons is on facebook…you can find them HERE, as well as on their Website:  Clever Dragons

And….I want to know:

What Clever Dragons do you have living in your home?


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  1. Wish ‘Clever Dragons’ had been around when my sons were younger. What a great resource! I’m bringing LittleGirl home next year. We’ll be subscribing to Always Ice Cream. Thanks, Rebecca! 🙂

  2. Glad to know about this . . . sounds great!