Must Have Homeschool Items

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Must Have Homeschool Supplies

I am excited to share my list of my Top Ten MUST have items for Homeschool!

1.The ESV Study Bible

 – The basis for everything in our home is built upon the Bible.  This verse is the bedrock for our homeschool.

And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.  You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. – Deuteronomy 6:6-8

God has commanded parents to be the teachers of their children (Dads specifically)….and he tells us this should be non stop – at all times in our homes.  He also tells us that His word should come first….and we do focus very heavily on the Bible.  You can teach History, Science, Math, Grammar, Poetry, Copywork – you name it, you can use the Bible To teach it.  We do use curriculum, as well, but the Bible surpasses all!

2.Notebooking Binder

 We notebook and use the notebooks completed for our end of year assessment and for memories for our children.  So, good notebooks are a necessity here!

3. Sheet Protectors

I tried notebooking without sheet protectors – HUGE fail!!

4. MarkersPencils and Colored Pencils

We have found spending a little more on pencils in our home makes them last longer. They do not break as often and they are easier to erase.  Our children love using colored pencils and with notebooking, it adds some beauty! Last, every child loves markers, there’s just something about them that makes every child happy and every parent a little uneasy……

5. Scissors

Ok, Moms….you know how your scissors seem to just disappear – they will…no matter what.  SO, stock up…store them in every room and just have fun watching..whatever is being cut up fly through the house (safely, of course!)

6. Laminator

My laminator is one of my best friends. It helps me maintain special notes and papers the children create. I can also create math sheets and spelling lists that we can use over and over – saving money on printing and paper.

7. Computer Access with internet

to ensure I can create and print WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press and  pre-made notebooking pages from  I truly could not make it through a week without access!  I can not wait to dig in to the new Notebooking Publisher features!


A subscription to is an absolute necessity.  I’m far too busy to make notebooking pages (though I would love to). Debra has created almost everything I need.

9. Friends and Family

who call daily, share tea/coffee/cookies, meetings at the park, support on the phone, emails and just life in general! I TRULY could NOT make it through without the loving support God has given me and our family through each of you – you know who you are…I LOVE you dearly!

10. Our Kindle Fire

I must admit…it is so nice to have something the children can easily research on, play a few games, learn some math, geography, etc…while we sit and giggle together in a big comfy chair!

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What are your Top Ten Must Have Homeschool Items?

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  1. For us, at least this school year, the IPADs that we have are awesome. The kids love to do their educational work on them!

    • Melissa, I have heard the iPads are awesome! They look phenomenal! Maybe one day….we’ll be able to add at least one to our home!

  2. Excellent list. I totally hear you about the scissors. There never seem to be a pair around when you need them (tape and glue fall prey to the same fate as scissors in our house). Thanks for sharing. Be blessed.

  3. technology can really make homeschooling fun and easy! and yes, markers 🙂 I agree!

  4. I so want a Kindle Fire! I love number three, I have an addiction to number three.

  5. We have only dabbled a bit in notebooking, but want to explore it further, so it was really interesting to read your list. We also have a problem with disappearing scissors around here!

  6. Great list, Rebecca! 🙂

  7. Okay, first of all- colored pencils. How many times did I go and buy the cheapies only to have them break or be all hard and not color nicely? Why didn’t Iearn sooner to get GOOD quality colored pencils? 😉

    I have been contemplating getting my 11-year old her own e-reader or tablet. She has a laptop, but she wants to be able to read more books. Right now we share my Nook. I am debating between a Kindle and a Nook and whether to stick with the e-reader or get her the tablet version. So many choices! It’s good to hear that you enjoy your Kindle Fire- do you read a lot of books on it?

    • Aadel, I stood in a store for two hours weighing the options between the Nook and the Kindle Fire – the final decision was based on the available content….the Kindle Fire won because of Amazon’s far-reaching content availability. I think the Nook is getting there, but it all depends on how well B/N can keep up….both are great, though!

  8. I just have to laugh about the scissors. I NEVER know where a pair is and it drives me nuts. Somehow, I’ve never thought to just buy more. Those little kid scissors are so cheap at the start of the year. I need more. 🙂

  9. Colored pencils. Oh my! I fell in love with crayola twistables colored pencils. Even the 3 yr old can use them without me worrying about them getting broken. I am planning on implementing notebooking in the next year. I am excited and slightly worried. Excited that I am pretty sure my oldest is going to love it, but worried because I am not the most organized of folk and am afraid that I will get to doing other things and not get this done everyday.

    We have an ipad, but haven’t gotten into using it for schooling much. Guess I need to research some good apps for it.

    • Kelli, I LOVE the crayola twistable colored pencils! I use those to highlight in my Bible….and the kids like them, too! Can’t wait to see how next year goes for you!

  10. I’ve been so pondering a Kindle fire…. You make it sound wonderful!

  11. Wonderful list!! I was saying, ‘yes’ for every one!

  12. Such a great list! Do you use notebooking for the bulk of your learning? I love it, and am planning to use it much more this coming year.

  13. We have recently added notebooking. I have been too cheap to buy the sheet protectors–why is it so much better with them?

    I love that Deuteronomy quote!

    • Theresa, Before we started using sheet protectors, the notebooking pages would tear(the holes)….so, I either had to reinforce or use the page protectors. I’m pretty cheap, too….so, it took a long time for me to break down and do it. It’s made notebooking easier…because I load the various sections of their notebooks with the page protectors and they just slide their papers in…no need in opening/closing the rings (saves on their little fingers getting pinched, too)

  14. Great post. I would love to hear more about how you incorporate the Kindle fire into your school day. We just got a refurbished one but I haven’t had time to get a lot of apps on it. We also have an iPad and we really like that. Compared to the kindle it’s much better for Internet searches because of the screen size. The kindle seems ok for personal use but the iPad is better if you have several kids looking at the screen.

    • Josh, Yes, I like the size of the iPad, but the price was beyond our home budget. The screen size is ok for our children, they do not mind it…. We do use it for reading books, educational games and for research. And…because we only have one…it helps them learn to share!

  15. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    Great list! looks a lot like mine!

  16. and here I am again, not a homeschooling mom – nor even a mom – and all of this – and really all “mom” stuff I read is so “everyday” for you. But me, being the never married guy – it’s not “everyday” at all – it’s inspiring. I know it sounds like it shouldn’t be, but I think it’s that when I see the care and consideration and love that goes into schooling your children, and loving your children, I see the care and consideration and love that God has in schooling and caring for me – for us. I see beyond the scissors and the protective sheets and the colored pencils – and instead see the paintbrushes he encourages me to use in my life, and how he protects, and how he never loses anything important. I read one thing – I appreciate it – and then my spirit translates it. I think that;s it. Anyway, you are such a homeschooling hero – and I know you’re imperfect – but you ARE an inspiration. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day, Rebecca.

    • Craig, in my imperfection, I LOVE your comment and always enjoy seeing you pop by and give me a little ghusto to get the wind in the sails again!!!! Sorry I have not dropped by lately…life hit ff….and i”m trying to find that pause button. Have you seen it? Oh…and thank you….for reminding me…of the one who is perfect and never loses anything!

  17. Great list. I also love our Kindle Fire! Great investment.

    We have some twistable crayons but not twistable pencils, I’ll have to look into those.

  18. What is it with SCISSORS?? They’re never where they’re where they’re supposed to be!

    Wait.. I know what it is.. it’s the BOY… ;0)

    I have several pair already but I could probably use a half dozen more. 😉

  19. Your list makes me think that I should probably have the kids do more with our iPads. We use them for play, but I should take advantage of the educational opportunities for them too.

    • Angie, I so wish we had an iPad…but, am thankful for the kindle…it does offer some great opportunities to turn learning into play!

  20. Scissors and tape are always absent when I need them. Every year I buy extra and by October I can’t find any! I swear there is some sort of black hole that they fall into!

  21. Great starter list! We are stepping into the new waters of homeschooling this year (my oldest, 11). We are letting him be our guinea pig (haha) before we decide to completely bow out of public school all together (we have four children). Anyway, I have an Android tablet that I use for EVERYTHING, so I hope it will be a help to him. Its quite easy to navigate and has a lot of options for apps and books on Google Play. Just another option when considering tablets 🙂 Oh, and any advice for a first timer is greatly appreciated =-) Have a blessed day!