Our Homeschool Tribute To Daddy

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Ten Reasons We love to Homeschool

Today, we are celebrating Daddy!  Without his hard work and dedication, we would not be able to homeschool!

We are so incredibly thankful for Daddy, his job and the many hours he works late into the night to ensure we have a home, food, supplies, clothes and most of all food, we decided to make a video for him!


If you can not view the video here, please select THIS LINK

1.  Playing in the Creek and sandy islands – to study clams

2.  Exploring Woods

3.  Reading the Bible


Swimming In the Pool

4.  We get to eat lunch with Daddy

5.  It’s fun playing on the rope swing for PE

6.  We love art club with our friends


Science at the pool


7.  We enjoy school at the pool!

8.  School at the skate park

9.  Playing and teaching my little brother how to play chess

10.   We enjoy learning with our brother(s) and sister!

(And yes…they actually said this without me coaxing them🙂


And, just so you can see what really goes on behind the scenes (because we really are not perfect and we do enjoy giggling and a little fight every night and then), we thought we would add this fun little edit…that did not make the ‘final cut’!

If you can not view the video here, please select THIS LINK

Why do Your children LOVE homeschooling?







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  1. Rebecca, this is a treasure! What a wonderful list your children have put together in honor of Dad. My children love playing (and teaching each other) chess too. And you are blessed indeed with a creek right there.

    • Tricia, Thank you! WE had to keep shooing him out of the room last night while I was working on my final edits! I hope he likes it when he opens his email at work!

  2. Ok, so the second video looked a lot like my first 25 or so takes. 🙂 I love that you devoted your list to dad. What an honor!

    • Kim, I couldn’t post one video and not share what went on behind the scenes. I wish I could have used my phone (which I used for the second one)…I think the first video would have been a lot better, but I could not have shared it…..can’t wait to stop by and watch yours!

  3. Great list and love the videos. (Love the out take-lol) Your kids are so adorable. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Ginny, thanks! The second video started out with them…just being a little playful….but, we had to have some heart talks afterwards…my sweet girl has a really big heart!

  4. I love that reading the Bible showed up on both of our lists! <3

  5. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    I love it! we love your creek and think your “daddy” is pretty cool too! great list-

  6. Loved both videos. What a great idea to dedicate your post to Dad. Your kids are too cute!

  7. Love the tribute to Daddy! What a great idea and so very sweet:)

    Great top ten list too! School at the pool sounds just about perfect to me.

  8. What a wonderful list! I just love that you dedicated this to Daddy!!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog
    it sure does make a difference if your husband supports home schooling I speak from past experience where my ex didnt

    cute videos 🙂