Risk Released the FEAR!

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The Doctor warned….the babe in my womb could leave us, as our first. My body…not quite fit to carry a child to full term…  there would be a risk.

With each visit, a fear would overwhelm me as I waited to see the screen showing the blip of the heart…that I prayed would remain beating, unlike the first…where the nurse turned pale as she realized I was witnessing that first….that sweet little one who left us before we could share our hugs and kisses.

Despit the risk, despite the constant visits…and the times I was sent home hearing  “Please, go home and put your feet up….you will lose this babe over the next few days…and then you can try again…”  The Father decided to do the unthinkable.

He gave this girl…to become a Mom….this boy child.

The one who would who her the risk was worth taking….

His name, well-fitting….

throughout the scripture…in which he was named…the words:  “Fear not” resonate….

and as I stand and watch in awe…..the risk he takes transcends this Momma heart past the fear, past the unthinkable of what ‘could’ happen….because one day it will.  One day, he will leave this earth…

but his time here…

It began with a risk

It is fitting that each day, each moment, he seeks that risk….he sees past the fear…it does not resonate in him.

it makes him stronger…

the call on his life to go faster, higher………and I stand…

and smile…as another Mom asks “How do you stand there and watch him do that?”…..I share the fear I once had.

I show her the smile on his face.

I explain the risk it took to bring him into the world…..

how each risk he takes grows him stronger for what he is to be in the world….

and as I see these risks, I let go of my own fear….I write, I share…so that you, too can let go of yours.

We are not to live a life of fear.

We are to take risks…risks that grow the world for Him..the one who tells us over and over to “FEAR NOT”

take that risk…

and my heart sings as his board reaches to the heavens….and I see this man-child who is growing…

I see ‘the bowl’…that used to seem so big…that he smiles and says “Momma, I think it’s getting too small for me”….yes, like the shoes on his feet that never seem to stop growing…

and he shows me…

the risk

is worth it

to overcome the fear I’ve felt for far too long.

and today, I relinquish it and hand it over……


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  1. Wow. Just WOW. Thanks so much for sharing this little piece of your life. I feel inspired today!

  2. No words, just tears. Thanks for posting so honestly.

  3. What a sweet post. Yes, risk is there – as is fear – and learning to let go is so hard. I’m so glad that you are able to enjoy him as he stretches and grows!

  4. Powerful thoughts here. Yes, risks can be so worth it, can’t they? Especially risks of love.

  5. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    if I could do that loud whistle thing with the 2 fingers – I’d be doing it! love this – thank you for sharing your pain and God’s victory to love others.