A Letter Of Advice to My Daughter

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Dear Sweet One,

I am sitting here with so many thoughts as I overlook a bay out to the gulf over my lef and you, snuggled up, enjoying the last few moments of dreamland on my right.  You are so beautiful with your strawberry blond curls and freckles  with the remnants of the sun shining on your cheeks.  I sit here, and pray for you for your  future, your children, my grand babies.

The thought is almost too much to bear, but one that I have often.  I realize that all that I do, as your Mother, will be passed on for generations and there are so many ways I mess up daily, but there are moments, where I know I got it right (Those moments that were right are only right because I was in full submission to the Father!)

So, how do I share all that I can to prepare you for the future to come?

First, I pray you stay on the path God, our Heavenly Father has created for you, that you hold fast to your Heavenly Father and you read His Word daily and bury it deep in your heart.

This world that we live in seems to be changing every moment and the path that a Christian walks seems to become more difficult each day.  The earlier you begin that walk and feel the power of the love your Heavenly Father has for you the easier that path will be to remain on.  However, should you stray from that path, He will always welcome you home with arms that wrap around the universe. He will open them for you and wrap them around you, heal any wounds you may have from the rocky path that is not His and He will love you as much and possibly more than had you never left.  So, even if you leave the path, know that you can always return home!

I do not know the path He has for you.  But I pray that path leads you to your husband, the man  your Heavenly Father created just for you. Remain pure for your Husband and your Father.  The world will try to pull you into a life that is not pure. It will entice you with the pleasures of this world, but that path only leads to losing the true beauty of the pleasures and beauty the Heavenly Father desires for you to have.  Protect your heart and bury it so deep that the only way your husband can find you is to be buried in the heart of the Father!

While I will try to mentor and lead you through your walk on this earth, I pray that you will seek and find a mentor for your life.  I will not always be her. One day, He will call me home and on that day, I pray you have sought and found a Godly woman who will help you on this walk.  We were not meant to walk this path alone, but in fellowship, as part of the Church of Christ.  No building is necessary for the true body and love of Christ to seek a soul, so remember, a building and a body, are only temporary tents, to be washed away in this world.  The souls that exist in those tents they will last an eternity.

Yes, you, my sweet one have an eternity ahead of you!  Fill your life and the life of others only that which will be worthy of an eternal life. Do not focus on that which is temporary focus on the eternal.

If your path is filled with children (and I pray that your home is filled with laughter that brings joy to the Heavens). I pray that Homeschooling is still a freedom you are able to enjoy.  It has brought me so much joy and has changed my heart in so many ways.  The days are not always easy as the Father opens my eyes to more of my own sin than I would see if you were away from me daily, but oh, they are worth it!  I love not missing these moments with you.  I love how the Father is bringing me to a new level of understanding submission to His word.  I love seeing the passion in your Father’s eyes and the way you are able to spend time with him and run into his arms daily…..

If you do homeschool, get involved to help maintain that freedom!  It should not be taken lightly!  Many have been jailed and spent hour upon hour for us to have the freedom of raising you….

And when you do homeschool, know this: the hearts of your children are the most important.  The academics will come, I promise!  I have proof…proof in you.  This past year was beautiful. We worked hard, but not mainly on academics, we focused on our hearts, we put God first and He was faithful!  According to the earthly standards, are tested above grade level…in all of your subjects (save one)!

Disciple your children, seek people like the Nunnery’s and Teach Them Diligently!  Seek speakers and writers to help you on this walk to remember your relationship with your children, your faithfulness to God is most important!

Our country was founded by individuals who were homeschooled.  They put God first in all things…and He was faithful, He blessed our land.

My heart weeps as I see our country turning away from Him, but am so blessed to be surrounded by friends who love God, put Him first, sacrifice their daily ‘wants’ to seek His will for their lives.

My sweet girl,  pray hat one day, this letter makes it into your hands and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I LOVE YOU and more than that, your Heavenly Father Loves you!

You CAN Homeschool your children. You must put God first and focus on His Will for your life!

Love you, sweet one….



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  1. Rebecca, That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart with us all. Thank you for the sweet reminders you gave your precious girl– and all of us as well. Enjoy your time at the Gulf!

    • Leslie, Thank you! Your friendship, love and mentoring…have brought this heart from one of fear and timidity to truly understanding the LOVE that the Father has for me and mine….and that with that Love there is a sweet surrender that brings trust and faith to a new level. I am BLESSED to call you friend!

  2. This is so precious, Rebecca.. It brought a sting to my eyes and throat as I read what lives inside of my own heart for my three girls.. I feel like kindred spirits.. Blessings upon blessings to your sweet daughter. May she walk with the Lord all the days of her life, and may the Lord renew and replenish your willing heart.


  3. Just beautiful – simple and true and full of love. Just like you, and just like your daughter. Blessings, friend!

  4. Loida Cooke says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…I am a homeschool mom to my nine almost ten year old daughter…She is so full of energy, joy, and excitement and keeps me on my toes. I’ve been journalling to her since she was born…someday I will give her this book and pray that she’ll be blessed. My fears, thoughts, and prayers mirror yours in many ways…May the Lord continue to guide us with his wisdom and sweet love.

  5. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    I can’t even hardly get through this – I’ll be crying and burning your dinner!!!! 😉

    “Protect your heart…and bury it so deep that the only way your husband can find you….is to be buried in the heart of the Father!” BRILLIANT!!!! love love this

    I love the time we are spending & pray that it will impress the importance of fellowship and the gift of friendship on our children. Your sweet daughter is amazing & I just love her!!!

    off to check on dinner 😉 love you! so glad you’re finally here!

  6. What sweet precious words you have written for your beloved child. Words of wisdom and truth. I too pray that your daughter is able one day to read this letter and cherish it and glean from your wisdom in God. I love your heart Rebecca.

  7. So well said Rebecca!