Excited to Pursue Our Interests This School Year

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Excited to Pursue Our Interests This School Year

When we began homeschooling, I was scared, happy, elated…..and without a clue.

As I grow as a person and a Mom, I realize how little I truly know…how much there is to learn and how fun it is learning with my children.  Now, don’t get that statement wrong, I went to school, I graduated highschool and went on to graduate summa cum laude after our third child was born.

I guess you can say, I have never truly accomplished anything in a traditional manner, so homeschooling, while it dates back to the beginning of time, it is not ‘traditional’ for this day and age….and that is part of what makes it exciting for me…..

This year, I am a little giddy about homeschool, I’ll admit it.  While we have pretty much transitioned to school year round with ‘breaks’ thrown in, we do have a differentiation between the ‘years’.  We have been on an extended break for the last…mmm….almost 3 months!  BUT, we have had some amazing ‘learning’ going on.  I took this break because our state just changed some of our reporting laws and I don’t like dealing with red tape….so, I just sat back and watched until the dust settled…and don’t tell the kids….we officially ‘started’ back yesterday….but, we already have 10 days into this new school year……and with that, I’ll explain why I am excited about this school year…

1.  Teach Them Diligently

I’m so stinking excited about next year’s three conferences, I can’t stand it and I can’t wait to go.  Last year’s conference was so amazing and filled with true fellowship and speakers to help understand how to implement Discipleship in the home….it has turned our homeschool and family into one that well…I never dreamed of!

2.  My Children Are Excited –

  • Just yesterday, we read from our ApologiaAstronomy Science and Who Am I (worldview from Apologia)…and my sweet girl came up to me after, gave me a big hug and said, “Mommy, at first, I was a little sad we were going to do a little school, but then, I was so happy to hear what you were reading and how we worked together….Mommy, thank you for teaching us and I love our Science and Worldview – why doesn’t everyone do this?”
    • NO, this is not what happens every day.  This is one of those moments….that keeps you going during those tough days…..
  • My little guy is determined to be in 1st grade (he isn’t quite ready and we have talked about it….) but he sat down and worked in his Junior Notebook and was so proud to show it to Daddy last night and explain all that he had learned about Saturn…
    • INSERT Mommy Melting heart…cause this kid has my number!
  • My oldest….well, he gobbles it all up, reads with great intensity and I think I’ll be bumping him up to middle school work this year….

3.  Our New Planners –

I had an opportunity after Apologia Live (which is now Real Refreshment) to sit and talk with Deb Bell about the planners she has developed for Moms and children….and while we have started the school year (finishing up some things from last year), I can NOT wait to take a 24 reprieve, sit, pray and identify our school year next year….  AND using her method, I will be able to teach my children how to use their own planners.  As a Project Manager (by trade and profession)….that’s really exciting for me!

4.  We are finding our groove

It took 3 years….different curriculum, different circumstances and we have finally found our groove.  That groove….is one that is just full of constant change.  My children love learning through various media…all year long.  Me, I’m finally comfortable not having text books, not going into the school year with absolutely everything and when necessary, switching gears…and knowing God’s got it!

5.  Knowing I can’t cover it all

I know I can not cover every single little thing.  But, I do know that helping my children learn to think….not what to think is so key.  I realized this…this past year, as I stood crying as I poured over my daughter’s scores on her standardized test (our state requires homeschoolers take standardized tests in 3, 6, 9 and 12th grades).  I knew i had not covered every little thing with her last year and my own pride was afraid that she would not do well.  Well, God showed up, showed me it wasn’t about Him and by keeping Him first, He will and does bless us.  Her scores were phenomenal……and I had not taught to the test, nor based on what our school system is teaching….

6.  Dad is in control

I LOVE that my Husband understands his role in our family.  He is the leader…he finalizes all plans, approves all that we are learning and truly desires to be part of our learning/teaching process.  He can’t be here to do it, but he is part of it….and I LOVE watching the kids scramble to be the first to say:  “Daddy, Guess What I did today!”

7.  Fun Field Trips

I’m lining up next year’s field trips…  A friend called me yesterday and while she lives in another state, we are only 2 hours away from one another.  We are planning field trips in the middle…as she brings one of her sweet ones home to homeschool.  AND….after meeting up with a few sweet moms in another state this year, I think this will be a great year for packing our bags on a whim and driving to some of the places we are learning about!

8.  Our School/book room is already organized!

I was able to purchase a new book/organization shelf and baskets…and it has really given us more space in our ‘book’ room.  And, a few weeks ago, I tore the room apart, organized our books…and can’t believe how I was able to get it back together.

9.  I’m a Book Junkie

There, I said it.  When I go to the book store….oh man…it’s like a candy store for me when I was little.  Are you the same way?  I would just sit and read all day if I could…….

10.  We Can Do Our ‘thang’

  • My oldest LOVES skateboarding…..homeschooling allows us to be at the parks when they are empty and he can get more practice in…
  • My Middle loves wearing pajamas…..and she can without embarrassment
  • My little loves hugging and kissing on the teacher (me)…and he can do that all he wants…
  • Me, I can be me, let my hair down, not wear make up, I can kiss the principle, fish/hunt with my family….
  • and last but not least…
  • We can learn about God, His Word and Pray throughout the day without fear or reprisal!!!

And so…I am excited about this new school year, the opportunity to learn with my children.  No adjustments necessary…since we are already together, I don’t go through the transition of having them home, not home and back home again….no rushing, no tears over clothes (ok, sometimes we do)….but, we can be relaxed and focus on what’s most important….

Our children’s hearts…..

That makes me excited!

What are you excited about this year?

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  1. You’re making me excited just reading this, about so many things! I am beyond excite for TTD too, we HAVE to meet up there! And we love our science so much, starting the Worldview in the fall! And c’mon, I have a book problem too – where are the pics of your new room?! I’m trying to figure out how to redo ours, can you come over and help me?!

    • Lauren, do you really think you’ll be at TTD? OH, I would LOVE it if you were at one!!! And I’ll be posting soon…it’s not major changes, but even small changes can make major impacts!

  2. Sounds awesome. You must tell me more about the planners. And we need to do a field trip together. Oh and yes book junkie. Hoping to hit ip the Pickens library book ssle in September almost every book is under $1.

    • The planners are phenomenal. They have no dates so you have full control and flexibility. It’s focused on God first and has great information for all Moms through out the entire Planner for hte Moms. The kids’ planners have stickers and the binding glows (score!)…now, we need glowing pens to write with (lol)! And yes, let’s plan some trips together…that reminds me…I need to do something….argh! You are the field trip queen…so, you tell me!

  3. Great list! (Cracking up how many of us list books as a reason!) I’d love to go to a Teach Them Diligently conference; maybe I can work that out this year. I know it’d be great!

    • I know…the book thing is quite hilarious! I will have to share one day what I call a book store….I think it will make you giggle! OH, Jamie, I would love to see you at TTD – I know your heart for adoption…and knowing we are all adopted to Christ is just the perfect match for this conference that sets it’s self apart by helping families bring discipleship to the forefront of their children’s education!

  4. Betty Jo Hendrickson says:

    I’ve been so excited about the upcoming school year, too! I’ve been planning the fall semester. Our studies will be centered around the Dark and Middle Ages and Knight training(aka: character studies). The free resources available are totally amazing. This year our $ amount for schooling is lower than it has ever been during our 14 previous years of schooling at home. I’m also excited about our local homeschool support group. We are planning some wonderful field trips, parties, educational events, and community service projects. And, we are going to paint a chalkboard wall in our kitchen!

    • Betty Jo, Oh, I know…so many of us are financially strapped and I remember when I first looked into homeschooling and only found curriculum that was pricey, I felt I had to walk away…but God has opened so many doors. Our first year, we studied the Dark/Middle ages and it was so fun! I can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  5. This is an excellent post, filled with great information! Thanks for sharing! I’m excited by your excitement.
    Motivates me to get organized even faster than I had planned!

  6. Your list got me excited for next year too! The freedom we have to follow God in our homeschool is such a testimony to the power and goodness of God, isn’t it? Blessings!

    • It is….I am spending a lot of time in prayer right now for our nation and that this freedom and many others carry through…..

  7. I love that we can do our own thing. Each day is flexible and we’re free to follow God’s leading. Yeah for books, PJ’s, and no make-up 🙂

  8. Your list makes me excited for this new school year. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your excitement with us.

    • Dianna, Yeah! I’m excited that this excited you…..I’m ready…still a few things to pull together and a few things to finish from last year, but it’s all good!

  9. Rebecca, I love you and I love your heart. I just love this post. I cannot wait until we find our, “groove”. Hee, hee, had to tell the hubby about kissing the principle. Oooh, we got our Debra Bell homeschool planner in the mail today. Yay!

    My dear friend, cannot wait until TTD, to see your precious face again.

    • I love that planner…I am giddy over sitting down and filling it in! And…I’m praying we don’t have to wait until TTD – praying God brings us all together quickly for some fun fellowship!

  10. Love your enthusiasm, Rebecca. I especially love #10. Awesome reasons to always be excited about homeschooling. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Ginny, thanks! I don’t always have that enthusiasm…we have our days…but all in all, I love the giggles and smiles…and not having to rush around! Thank you for your kind comment!

  11. So many beautiful reasons to be excited!
    I, too, love learning right along with my girls, AND I am a book junkie as well 🙂

  12. Oh I just love your list! This is the first year I’ve been settled and ready to start the new year, so it’s fun to be around others who are excited as well.

    And TTD? Oh I just. Can’t. Wait.

    This is a beautiful post, Rebecca. Like you, I’m so grateful I get to help in molding my children’s little hearts every day. Such a privilege!

    (My favorite line was about getting to kiss the principal though! tee hee)

  13. I love this! I also love the organizing and preparing for a new year. I am a book ADDICT! I can’t stop buying books. I am also a kid in a candy shop at book stores, especially the used bookstore we frequent often. I have to laugh because my youngest daughter 5, out of my six (the oldest turning 21 this week) doesn’t understand using the library. I have taken the youngest three several times this summer to our local library. It is something I did often with my oldest 3 when we first began homeschooling. Now 17 years later and with 5 kids I am schooling we don’t frequent the library. But we do frequent the used bookstore and she thinks the library is a “bookstore” and “why do have to give them back our books? lol. Anyway, love your blog! So encouraging and so right on!

    • Hah! We have a great used book store, too-and generally we get our books there-I only have three -but if I pay for gas to constantly go back/forth to the library -I end up paying more than buying my books at the used book store. Thanks for dropping by!

  14. Great list! I’m also excited to get back into the swing of things, but we’re also enjoying the hot days of summer! Just found your blog…I’ll have to browse around a bit. 🙂

    • Heidi, Thank you for dropping by. Yes, it is hot here…..so, we do spend the afternoons in doors…but, we’re heading out in the early hours for fun. I can’t wait to drop by your blog!!!

  15. Thank you for sharing your excitement. I am spending some of this month planning… without knowing what our “classroom” will look like! We do, indeed, learn each year… not just what our kids are learning but also how to function as a homeschool better. This year I felt we had finally gotten a great grove but what I am looking forward to, even if a bit nervous about the unknown, is learning how to teach in revolving surroundings. I feel God has led me to explore the Charlotte Mason-y method simply because HE knew what He would be calling us to do this fall…. and that too is exciting! God has it all worked out and I look forward to praying through the schedule (of sorts) this month… your article today adds to that excitement! Thank you 🙂

    • Amanda, I know you will find your own groove. We just integrate learning in our home that fits. I don’t call it anything…and many would call it eclectic. Me, I just call it whatever it is at the moment….some silly way to learn math or science….something that pulls my kiddies in. I’m excited for you…and praying for you more than you may know!@