Make a Barometer

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Make a Barometer

We have been enjoying science this summer – as we integrate nature and science studies into our daily activities.    I love learning with my children and this summer has been one filled with some amazing weather in our area.

For the past few years, we have been in a drought.  This summer, though, we have experienced many storms that include rolling thunder and flashes of lightning.  I wish I could say we have not been impacted by any of the storms, but we have.

Recently, one storm hit our  modem and we believe it struck a tree in our back yard.  However, it’s hard to tell with the tree…it is still standing, but shows damage (either from a lightning strike or from a pest).

With all of the rain, storms and fantastic weather, we have really enjoyed learning about the weather and we recently made  a barometer.

We spent a few days reading about barometers, the weather, creating worksheets based on the atmosphere and then…we had fun taking one of my mason jars, putting some colored water in it and ‘sucking’ the water up into the straw (and keeping the water in it using a vacuum created with clay).

Steps for Barometer

It was fun (and easy) to make the barometer (inexpensive, too…I had all of the supplies we needed in our home!)  It was even more fun watching the pressure of the atmosphere push the blue water up and down in the straw as the climate changed!

I can’t wait to share our other activities and learning fun we are experiencing with GeoMatters Paths of Settlement!

What have you made for your science/nature studies?

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  1. Neat! My boys will get a kick out of this. Assuming I ever get school started. At this point, it doesn’t look good. 😉

  2. this is just amazing! i think part of me wants to homeschool just to do cool experiments like this. : )

    • Carissa, careful….it will change your life! Seriously,I love it..there are good and not so good moments, but I would not trade it for anything!

  3. We enjoyed that experiment, though we didn’t have the right kind of clay and couldn’t seem to keep the vacuum in the straw. I love Paths of Settlement!

  4. We will be starting POS in September (we break during the summer as my 2 oldest are in public high school) and are so excited about everything we have been peeking at in the curriculum. When you are doing the experiments, or activities, do you do one as a family or does each child make their own: rain gauge, for example.

    • Becky, we generally do all of our experiments together. However, if my older children decide they want to try it on their own, I encourage them to do so and they either follow along or do it later. This was definitely a team project…it’s a little bit of a task to get the clay into the straw….I had to show them several times how to do it.