Preparing a Place for Our Children

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I remember my first home…it was a little two bedroom home with one bathroom. I shared a room with my parents and my brothers shared their room.  I don’t remember feeling cramped….I do remember running through the house… and how my parents put ballerina wall paper on one of the walls in ‘our bedroom’.

Good memories….that fade, as my parents divorced and I remember….the last time I ran through the rooms…to find my little pink tea-pot.

The next home I lived in…was a little bigger, three bedrooms, one bath…and a big yard and a little road in front that no one used…except for our family….and the family next door.  It was a great place to ride my big wheel.

Jesus has Prepared a Place for Us

That home was happy, but….the sorrow of my parents divorce and my brother’s death…leave me with mixed emotions as a child….

After my brother died, my Mother bought a little house that was two stories and was able to set it up so that we had our own bedrooms and she could rent out the downstairs to help with our finances….it was a nice home, but suddenly….it was empty.

My Mom worked hard to provide for us.  She was very sick….my very first memories include her not being well….but, pushing herself to do what she had to provide a home and a good life for me and my brother.

She wasn’t home a lot….and I missed her, but she did what any Mother who loves God and her children….does for her family…she does the best she can with what she has.

I lived in that home  until I was 19 (well, except for the two years we lived in Florida, but we moved back)…..and my journey began.

The journey that would lead to me having my own children.

That journey has led me to desire a home that is pleasant for my children….and a change in this Momma heart to reconcile pain and understand God’s plan for my life and for my children.

It’s something I do not take lightly….it’s a journey that requires time with God, time with my husband, time in prayer…and time growing through the wisdom of others.

We are to work diligently

A few weeks ago, I began reading 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential
by Zan Tyler, thanks to the book club, Amanda is hosting.

This book has already been a blessing….

In the first chapter, Zan shares about creating a place for our children….  a place that has an eternal focus…and that is where we are.  We are not perfect.  My husband and I share life with our children, most of all, we share God and His grace and sovereignty.  There’s much to learn about our Heavenly Father and we pray our home is a refuge for our children.

But, we want them to know, it’s temporary….these walls, this home…it could disappear tomorrow, but our lives and hearts have an eternal home.

So, we take time and read, play and have fun together. More than that, we share God’s word throughout the day….we sing His praises and when days are tough, we join together and give thanks….He is our rock and our salvation and while we are not perfect parents, we point to a perfect God – who is full of grace and mercy.

Are you part of the book club?  If not, join us….and whether you are or are not -

What are you doing to prepare your children?


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disclosure:  this post contains affiliate links.



Please note, this post contains affiliate links. See disclosure for full information


  1. What a beautiful post, Rebecca. Thank you for sharing some of your childhood memories. Your mom was indeed a special woman who worked very hard to provide for her children. I love, especially, how you said that even in the dark moments, you gather together to praise the Lord. I feel like I need to do more of this in my family. I don’t want Him to be relegated to just morning and evening prayers during the summer time. I want Him to be a part of everything and anything we do. I just need to figure out how to go about doing it.

    • Lisa, Thank you…and i”m sorry for the delay in responding…it’s been a busy week ‘back at school’…..and I’ve been spending a LOT of time with the kids and some other projects… And you’ll get there. We all go through seasons…Id o find that the days where I do put Him first in my day…get up before my children and spend time with HIM, His word, prayer and a cup of coffee…I am able to submit and share His love through the day.

  2. Yes – we do not want to be boon companions! I want to pray more every day. Thank you for sharing Rebecca. I think God was preparing you through your sufferings as a young girl. I am very sorry for your brothers passing years ago. I will pray for your family.