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Family Vaca

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind full of fun, laughter, hardships, opportunities, real life meetings with friends far away, new friendships for my children…..and me. Spending a little less time here and a lot more time with my family.

Though, I have to admit, I’m torn some days. I have made some amazing friends through this little place, tucked away, desiring to encourage others.

Thursdays always give me a second chance during the week to count my blessings. I love counting most of the time: others, not so much.  But even on those days, I find beauty even in the hard the difficult, because unfortunately, that’s where I grow.

About a year ago I decided my heart was too fragile to watch the beautiful pictures of vacations and new gadgets and I began not following, not reading and just turning my head so that the nasty little green jealousy monster would not rear its ugly head.  Maybe you don’t have that problem. Me, I have had it forever and recently, a friend shared that she could not turn on her computer right now because it just hurt.  Her message came on the skirt-tail of a woman I admire greatly who had shared the same twinge of green monster envy seeing the ‘perfection’ of other’s lives being lived out on the internet.

I am so thankful for their honesty, their love and for allowing me to free myself of that little secret.  It wove my heart to theirs, even more and brought a new sense of peace to me letting that green monster go.  Because even though the beauty of perfection may be what is being written or shown,

Little Guy Running on Beach

Perfection does not exist on this earth.

So, while we did take a week and drove to stay with a friend, that was the only way we could have taken our vacation.  I am forever grateful for that opportunity.  And for the new friendships that grew.

Not just my own, but friendships for my husband and my children.


I am thankful for sweet talks on the beach, friends sharing and encouraging.  Most of all, I am thankful for friendship that leads to true love

and accountability

I am so tired of face-friendships.  Friendships that are only good enough if you are in the right co-op, the right homeschool classes, the right neighborhood…..

For new friends God has brought into my life who are there, to pick up the phone, love me, let me love them…and speak truth at all cost, that is worth more than any vacation or any money in the bank.

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid.  What can mortal man do to me? Psalm 56:3-4

And with these new-found friendships, I relinquish fear, resentment, guilt and relish in the beauty of true friendship, without judgement or gossip….true loyalty… all things, in all times.

Which leads to me to more exciting days ahead as I consider Teach Them Diligently .  I can not wait to hug some of my friends who live too far away, but are close enough to meet up at both of these!  Will you be there?


Reading Horizons

and for a homeschool Mom who started with a fear of truly being able to teach her little ones how to read….I have to share that I am thankful for Reading Horizons……I can’t wait to share more with you about it….  I know I haven’t been writing a lot about what we are ‘doing’ at home for school this summer, we are plugging along……with a few things that will help us this school year.  This one, this program is really helping me take my daughter (and my little guy as he watches his big sis) take their reading up to a level I have prayed about for many years!

What are you thankful for?


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Photo Credit:  Some photos are by Kelli


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  1. I have to turn my head often as well or the envy bug will bite me. I also cannot just “window” shop. Just not good for me.

    Sounds like y’all had a wonderful vacation with great friends. Those are the best kind!

    Mary bEth

    • Mary Beth, I can’t window shop, either….honestly, I used to love shopping, now, I loath it….I don’t want ‘more’…I want better and that ‘better’ is only found in one place. I can put on the best clothes, jewelry, and smile…but without my heart being right, it’s a lie…..and then….we set up others…and truly give unbelievers the opportunity to truly relish in the hypocrisy of our faith! Thank you for being honest….and sharing with me. I find freedom in sharing my own shortfalls….confession…it is good for the soul!

      • It is good for the soul! There is freedom in just admitting it! There is also comfort in knowing I’m not the only one fighting that battle and taking those same steps to do it!

  2. I love this post, Rebecca! No, perfection does not exist on this earth…sometimes this can be hard to remember…especially for those of us with perfectionistic tendencies (like me!) I struggle with jealousy sometimes, too, but I feel that I have been growing better and better at shutting it out and staying focused on the blessings I have. Now to help my girls deal with that green-eyed monster…
    I am happy for you and your family to have had such a beautiful vacation and to have spent time with such wonderful friends 🙂

    • Susan, YES! Now that I’m really hitting my own flaws head on, confessing them, I’m finding joy and love in seeing the blessings others receive and the beauty of the blessings brought into my own life! That green-eyed monster, I think he has the hearts of too many….and the more we share, the more we admit…the more freedom there is! I’m loving your blog….you are speaking to my heart and growing me…and I am so thankful for you!!!!

      • There is definitely something about confessing flaws, and then finding acceptance, isn’t there?

        I find you speaking to my heart and growing *me* so frequently as well! Thank you!

  3. “I am so thankful for their honesty, their love…..and for allowing me to free myself of that little secret. It wove my heart to theirs, even more….and brought a new sense of peace to me…” I have found this to be true, that when we find a person who is honest about their failures and struggles, and allows us to also be honest about ours, an indelible bond is created. It is a beautiful gift from Christ.

    And, thanks for the info for Teach Them Diligently. I’d seen your post on Instagram but hadn’t had time to check out what it was. Now I’m debating whether I will take my teen to the one in Omaha. My other kids are busy that weekend (yes, I already know that a year in advance :D), but we’re looking at Grace University so maybe this will be a good opportunity to visit.

    OK, I’ll stop blabbering on your blog now. 🙂

    • Sara,

      OH, thank you for your comments. I think we all fall trap to trying to stay in the perfection the world wants us to believe is there…that if we can just keep that smile on our face and pretend all is perfect….everyone will believe it. That leads to a life of emptiness for so many. What if, by sharing…by truly being the hands and feet we help someone who is struggling and they find that agape love they are looking for and seeking! And no, never worry about babbling here, we’re conversing, sharing and living….as much as we can and I pray I get to meet you in Omaha!!!!!!

  4. I can’t wait to see you again! I love your heart, especially when you write posts like this. You’re so right about all of it. The internet is dangerous in more ways than one. Its power lies in its ability to cater to any weakness whatsoever–shopping, envy, malice, self-righteousness, any idol or sin a person can be prone to–and distract us from the good. But it can also be used wisely, and I think you’ve found the secret to that. You just have to learn to turn it off. 🙂

    • Yeah, I know…you like the ones I write where when I see/meet someone they say “OH, I read your blog and that one post was really good.”…..and then I want to run in hide because it’s still easier to share here…than in person. But, it’s you….and a few others showing me….there is no perfection here…love, grace, truth and accountability….that can lead to something pretty amazing! And You’re right….I’ve got to turn it off and I’m getting better…I really am…to the point that the thought of shopping no longer gets me giddy, but repulses me…now, for a happy medium, that allows me to purchase what we need, not yearn for what we don’t and not be concerned with what we have/do not have…because in the end…it’s all temporary….ok, better stopnow…this could be another ‘post.’

  5. I’m right there with ya Rebecca. Sometimes it feels as if we are the only family I know that lives on a meager budget. I find myself asking, “How do they have it all?” You know, the new cars, the new phones, the new whatever… I sometimes do let that green monster creep into my heart and I hate it when I do that. I know God has given my what I need and I need to remember He loves me. Thank you for sharing your very encouraging post.

    • Karen, your tweet to me last week: “I shall not covet”…..hit a nail with me. I struggle with sharing pics on vacation…because of that very reason. I have that green monster rear his head and I ask God – Why don’t we have that….and he very lovingly reminds me of some very poor choices we have made…times in which we did not put HIM first….and then….I look at my children…and I’m honest with them….and they smile and hug me and say “It’s ok Mommy”….but…yes, He loves us..and this temporary will be gone….and the eternal…that’s what I”m seeking…and so glad to have friends like you!

  6. Such an honest post! I struggle with the green monster, but it helps me to think that God has blessed them with xxxx… what does He have in store for me? Most of the time I’m able to move on 🙂

    I’m trying for Beech – but need to find a sponsor or two even to consider it.

    • Aurie, I’m working on Beech, too…don’t get me wrong..I’m not 100% dead on with it…I don’t have a ticket in my hand…but, I’m praying if it’s God’s will…it will happen…and I would LOVE to meet you!!! Thank you for your sweet words, friend!!!!

  7. Mine isn’t envy so much as her evil sister, insecurity . . . yes, I find myself both attracted to and repelled by the internet and it’s unreality, and constantly trying to stay healthy which has at times meant giving myself a sabbatical from it all . . . but then there are wonderful blogs like yours to find! Thanks for the comment, so glad to have found you!

    • Jess, oh you had to bring her up….I’m guessing insecurity, is probably the underlying issue with jealousy? What do you think….because if I’m truly secure in who I am in Christ, I would not have that overwhelming green monster overtake my thoughts and my heart…because I would be secure in knowing what has been provided is perfect for me in that moment…Oh, you’ve taken me down another rabbit hole. yes, there is a lot of perfection on the internet. I think that has it’s purpose, like churches who are stepping stone places to initially pull people in and fill them with milk, but, if they grow in truth and in the heart…that milk will no longer satisfy and ‘meat’ will be desired. I try to share to let others know…it’s ok….and God’s put a lot on my heart lately….to share, to be vulnerable…and it is something I still fear….but, when I do…and know I’m being obedient to Him…oh, I feel HIS love in a way I can’t explain. I’ll stop now..thankyou for dropping by!

  8. Wow I had goosebumps while reading this. I also struggle with envy and a lot of I wish. I know when I’m struggling most that’s when I particularly need HIM.
    Thank you for writing this.

    • Sherri, YES! You nailed it! I was just doing something in the kitchen, thinking over some things and I realized…it all goes back to the commandments…and if we keep that first one in front of us always….so many of these little life things…well, they don’t exist.

  9. Yes, I struggle with all you said. It can be difficult. I just pray that I can be as open and honest on my blog, as you are here on yours. I have treasured getting to know you and hate that we haven’t had a chance to meet yet. Thank you for words similar to how I feel. It is good to know that I am not alone. Blessings to you!

    • Joy, you are not alone!!!! No, you are not!!! It’s so easy to think we are when we see perfection flying all around us…but, the thing is, it’s not real, it’s a facade and one day…those walls will crack…and the world of perfection will be shattered. I’m thankful for friends like you and I really really hope I get to meet you one day!

  10. Okay…you already had me at the edge of tears from the beginning of your post; then I scroll down and see the photo of you and Jenn and the flow started. My heart is so full of joy because I get to talk with you and Jenn and other friends that speak life and truth.
    There are things that I’ve had to turn my head on. Recently it has been wedding photos…
    Thank you for showing even more that you’re walking through this life in real time. Thank you for letting me walk it with you.

    • Kela, God will carry you and your family through this. He has a plan…and when we think we are starting a journey with Him and it crashes…it takes a while to hand the pieces back to Him and give Him control to put them together again…My heart goes out to you…I shared my story with you…there is still more to share…and tears to shed together and we will..I just know it!!! and that…makes me so happy!!!!

  11. Wonderful post! My mom and I were just talking yesterday about vacation-jealousy. I know a vacation is not happening any time soon…I’ve unsubscribed from all of those travel emails and websites, so their cheap airfare and wonderful views don’t draw the beast out in me.

    • Jess, I know what you mean…I am thankful you have your Mom to share with. Spend as much time with her as you can…and get as many hugs as possible. I miss mine and the other day…I sat down…and just wished I had taken more time…but, I chose a path in life that took me too far away…and so, I can’t change it, but, I can focus on the good….and not envy others who made other choices…and our vacation…like I said…we stayed with a friend and I am so thankful for their open door and pray it will be open again in the future!

  12. Jenn, your family…what can I say…I don’t know what to say…except thank you…and keep sending those pics of tacos and cupcakes….cause I can still live it in my memory and pray next year, I’ll be living it in real life. My sweet one is so excited to see Maggie-Peyton…and when we were going to the pool the other day she had on a new shirt…I looked and said “Where did you get that” – “Oh, Maggie-Peyton gave it to me….she said it would be ok…it’s too small for her.”…and her eyes were so bright….and she asked “When can I go back for another sleep over?” Thank you for always being honest with me, holding me accountable for where God has me now…and living your life out loud, seeking Him and not falling apart in the midst of trials but seeking His word and prayer….

  13. Karen, I come from a single-Mom home…I’ve seen the struggles and lived them as a child. When I consider a Mom – a single Mom who is still homeschooling, oh it rocks my heart!!!!! To answer your last question – maybe we should all do more? I think you should seek God’s will and purpose in your life….if He takes you there, then yes…if not, He has a different plan for you. What a wonderful testimony you have…sharing how to be a single Mom and homeschool…..

  14. I have that green monster, too. Sometimes I think the internet, facebook, social networking is NOT good, but evil because people only share the perfection sometimes and it does hurt. I strive to try to show the good AND THE BAD and even sometimes the ugly.

    ahhh…growing during the difficult times…AMEN! Throughout everything that our family is going through, my husband is a ROCK, an absolute rock…he will give and do anything…work 60 hours at work and spend his free time helping our family members who need it…my love for him and gratitude to God for bringing me this man to marry is overwhelming!

    Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursday.