We Are Called To Disciple Our Children’s Hearts

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For two years, I co-hosted a weekly link up encouraging Moms to memorize scripture.  My friend, Jennifer, and I ended it a few months ago.  We loved that time together with you and with one another, but I wanted to branch more into family discipleship.  I wanted to really encourage the hearts of Moms and Dads to really take on the task of encouraging their children in Christ – to remember that Discipleship begins in our homes…if we don’t start there, we should not consider going out into the world and expecting our children to do the same.

Disciple Your Children

We need to remember, our children are children.

They are blessings given to us by God.

I was truly reminded of that last year when I attended Teach Them Diligently and began attending a new church. Both, providing me and my husband with the truth that our children deserve to learn about God in our home…that it is a mandate from God that Fathers lead their homes, that children not be sent into the world to learn about Jesus, but for the Father to take on that responsibility.

We have taken that to heart.  We have seen the consequences of leaving our children’s hearts in the care of others. We have answered “I don’t know what they are learning in school or even in their Sunday School lessons”.  We have answered that question and walked away without concerns….and we have been convicted of that.

We know, based on our own lives….that is dangerous.  YES, it is dangerous and against the will of God for us to leave our children’s hearts for others to shape…WE are blessed with their hearts and they are on loan to us….for the Glory of the Father.

As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting a few moments to read another chapter in 7 Tools For Cultivating Your Child’s Potential.  I am loving this book and I am excited about a book club, my friend Amanda is hosting.  You see, the more I learn, the more I know how far I have been from God’s plan in the past.  And with this, I find mentors who can guide this walk with me….for my children…for my grandchildren.

Yes, I am thinking about my Grandchildren.

I am leaving a legacy….every day.


That legacy may or may not include wealth, earthly wealth…of that, I have had and have watched it whither. It is not eternal.


My children’s souls…they are eternal.


Daily, I sit next to each of them.  We read the Bible together, as a family….and then, individually we have Bible Study.  I used to just send them on their way and hope they would ‘get it’….  I was causing them frustration and did not realize it….until I witnessed that damage.

That’s not what a loving and nurturing Mom should do. We should be there, next to them, taking time, showing them they are worth it. Helping  them….and giving them the time they need in quantity and quality.

This summer, we are working on the Bible Bee Curriculum.  It’s been beautiful….

We are reading through the Bible Chronologically…..

and me, I’m holding myself accountable for my own heart….

because one day, I will kneel….and when I do, I pray that I hear: “Well don, good and faithful servant.” NOT because I need to work to get into Heaven!  NO – He has paid the price for me….and I have accepted his beautiful gift…I know where I’m going.  I want my children to know the same.

And because HE loved me first, I LOVE HIM….and we want to please those we love….and I want to please HIM above and beyond all things temporary.

What about you?


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  1. what a beautiful reminder. i am actually looking for a good Bible curriculum that we can go through,. id like to see more of Bible Bee?

  2. What a coincidence! I posted today about being more intentional in teaching my son both academically and spiritually. 🙂 The responsibility for spiritual development definitely lies with the parents. It’s an awesome responsibility I don’t want to take lightly. Great reminder and thanks for the resource.

    Mary Beth

    • Mary Beth, I just read your post and absolutely love it! I love Carissa’s site and the Bible Bee is a great source for a family. It is an awesome responsibility, one not to be taken lightly…..I am so thankful you dropped by! Praying you have a day filled with laughter and kisses!

      • Just saw this after I replied over at my place! haha. I will definitely check out Bible Bee. Thanks for popping over! 🙂

  3. Tereasa says:

    I really appreciate this! We began this way and then got off course a little. We soon saw the consequences of our choices. God is faithful to discipline and forgive!

  4. Marianne @ Abundant Life says:

    This looks great! I have been letting this area slip some in our home. It gets complicated with a wide age range of kids. Seems like each kid needs something different. That is a LOT of Bible study! I’m going to order the book today. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just looked at the Bible Bee site and they have the first three weeks available for download.

  6. Well said, Rebecca! This has also been on my heart and we have also been convicted of not being more diligent with bible study in our home. Things are changing and I can see a difference not only in my children, but is my husband and I. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Looking forward to this bible study as well!

  7. This post lines up with exactly how we are wanting to raise our children. God has really been showing us where to improve our parenting, and spending time in the Word with them is one of the first things we are working on.

    • It’s easy to think we need to be perfect, but important to remember that is only one who is or was perfect…and He paid the price for us….His love and Grace are beautiful!

  8. Lovely post Rebecca! Looking forward to the #7Tools and Bible Bee!!

  9. What a beautiful post, Rebecca. You’re so right–it’s one thing to send our children on their way to do their Bible study assignment, it’s another to read, study, and live it with them. It takes commitment and what a blessing that you are doing just that! I’ve heard so many good things about the Bible Bee curriculum–I’m going to have to check it out.
    Love you!

  10. Beautiful! We are each leaving a legacy – each and every moment of the day! I long to leave an impactful one as you. Blessings to your family. Stopping by from the Wrecked team.

    • Thanks for dropping by! I’m hoping to make my stops for the team today. I’m so excited about Wrecked, I can’t stand it! Thank you for your kind words and blessings!

  11. Trying to be more here, in the moment with them…teaching them diligently, setting the example for them to follow….I want them to see me pursuing God, not earthly things!

    • Lauren,
      yes, they have to see us pursuing HIM – not just getting them to do it, but actually seeing us read, do our own studies and prayer time….so important!

  12. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    fabulous post – and oh so true – what a blessing to see them growing learning daily – showing them grace – showing them Jesus. what a privilege!