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Beyond Being Mommy

I’m joining Lisa-Jo today…..for her Five Minute Friday…a  chance to just write…no editing, just pure writing….with a topic she identifies…this week:


My sweet one loves grabbing my phone and running around the house taking pictures.  I often giggle and smile when I view the moments she captures through her young eyes.  Lately, she’s beenintrigued with pictures of me.  Maybe it’s due to the amount of pictures I take of her with her brothers…..and sometimes those pictures make me gasp.

I remember as a little girl, my Mom said she would look in the mirror and be surprised at the face staring back.  She always expected to see a young girl of 16, yet each year, the reflection was different….

There is always more beyond an image, a smile, a look….

There is a heart that has lived…

There’s more beyond this Mommy’s face, the glasses, the ever-increasing grey hair with adult acne along with wrinkles (gasp, I said all three in one sentence…)

There are memories of moments from the past, desires to grab hold of the current and questions to be answered….people to be helped and moments of encouragement to share with others.

Beyond the moment, beyond the giggle…..there is always something beyond the surface..not below, but beyond…a way of looking forward….

As I look at this picture, I remember the moment, I know the meaning behind the sign on my desk….and I look beyond, grabbing hold of the moment I am in and preparing for the future….by holding tight to the hem of the one who holds it in His hands….

and I’m thankful for her sweet eyes, grabbing this moment of me…..

What do you see beyond?


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  1. ‘Mom said she would look in the mirror and be surprised at the face staring back.’ Oh that does say it all! We sit with that … and then we move ahead to who we are in this season!

  2. Meredith says:

    Oh I love this!! 🙂
    She got a great picture of you, and I adore your heart as you reflect upon it!


  3. Wow, good post.

  4. I love the sign! Your daughter capture a beautifully photo of you! Stopping over from the 5 Minute Friday.

  5. Love this post!!
    Have a blessed weekend!