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My children love to sing and I love singing and having fun with them.  One of the things I like most about singing with my children is praising God and learning about the Bible.  That means I am always looking for songs to sing with them, either to help them memorize scripture or learn about the Bible

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Recently, we discovered Buck Denver Presents What’s In The Bible?  The Songs by Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales) and were blessed to review it!

What's In The Bible The Songs Review


 What’s In The CD

What’s In The Bible – The Songs has 18 songs and a run time of 36 minutes…..long enough to listen to half on the way to the park and the other half on the way home!

What's In The Bible The Songs

An Overview

The songs provide a high level understanding of the various books (listed in the titles above)  in the Old Testament, which can lend the CD as a fun supplement to your family Bible Time.

All of the lyrics are fun and very catchy….you’ll catch yourself singing the words and often, you’ll walk into a room and catch one of your children singing them, as well.

My Thoughts

The songs are very fun and encouraging.  I truly love the way the Old Testament is presented as truth in the way God saved and loved Israel and the many different people in the Old Testament regardless of their sins.  The song writers have truly captured the spirit of the Old Testament without making it scary, yet portraying it well..

Singing about the many books in the Bible, the way people continued to fail daily points to life today.  It’s a great way to help children remember that while we all fall short, our God loves us and desires a relationship with us.  We can build that relationship through reading God’s word and truly learning about Him and His plan for our lives!

The humor in the cd can add some laughter to your day and some highlights to any child’s daily walk while learning about the Bible.

Through truth and humor, children will learn many things about the Bible with this What’s In The Bible The Songs.  However, some of the theology in the songs is just that, their interpretation of the Bible and some of the lyrics may plant a few seeds your children may have never considered like:  Does God exist…if your children come from a strong Biblical home, they may never have considered this thought.

While the songs do go through the first five books in the old testament, they skim over creation and do not teach the days or timing of creation (this enables you, their parents to read Genesis and provide a good understanding about creation and God’s design).  However, they do a good job in explaining Noah, the tower of Babel, Israel, Jacob, and the Judges (again, they do leave many opportunities for you to discuss these events in history with your children).

As with anything in your home, this should not take the place of reading your Bible with your children and when listening to or reading anything that is  Biblical, it is always best to read and reference the Bible  in order to learn and understand God’s word.


What We did While We Listened

As the children were singing through our home one night, “I’ve Got a Book,It’s a Great Big Book”…….I thought…hmmm, what can we add to this to have a little more fun.  So, I plopped down in my chair and skipped right over to the What’s In The Bible website.

I was happy to find they have some (free) activities on their website….

We LOVED the Finger Puppets so much…we printed, laminated, cut them out, glue’d them onto sticks…and made these fun videos!

You can find and purchase the What’s In The Bible The Songs HERE

And you can also find more information about What’s In The Bible on:

As always, I recommend reading/listening to products before you allow your children to read/watch them.  And, I always recommend you read other reviews for any product….and you are in luck!  Here is a GREAT LIST of reviews for the What’s In The Bible products!

 What songs do you enjoy singing with your children?

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Disclosure: I received the What’s In The Bible CD at no charge to me. All opinions expressed are based on my family’s use of the CD and our Biblical Beliefs. I will be compensated for the time it took for me to review the product and write the review.

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  1. We love this series! Our whole family has the theme song down pat and last night my 6 & 7 year olds were singing Deuteronomy while playing with their Legos! My husband and I were just asking each other if a soundtrack had been released. We’ll be ordering soon 🙂