Are You Teaching Your Children a Biblical Worldview?

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Teach Your Children a Biblical Worldview

I grew up in a one-parent home.  For a long time, I felt sorry for myself because of that.  I was mad because my parents divorced, my brother died and I spent a majority of my childhood either alone in a locked home (yes, I was at the beginning of the latch-key generation), in the back room of a salon waiting for my Mother to get off of work, or when I was old enough…working two jobs.

I surrounded myself with friends who lived in a similar situation……

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Are You Teaching Your Children a Biblical Worldview?

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  1. Betty Jo Hendrickson says:

    God’s World Magazine is and has been our current event/biblical world view choice for 12 years. It is our homeschool’s only bought curriculum. I highly recommend it for all age groups.