Children Witness The Fruit Of Their Parents

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Psalm 42:1

As the school year begins, everyone is busy with details…..running and rushing.  Yet, it has become a time of reflection for me.

It is a time to stop, consider God’s plan and His Goals for my life and my children.  It is also a time for me to consider the fruit of my heart and truly identify where my heart is in relation to my Heavenly Father.

Children Witness The Fruit of their parents

My children witness my life almost every moment of the day.  They see me pray, read…..and sin.  All too often, I am reminded that it is much easier for them to follow my sinful ways, rather than the fruit.

Parents Set The Example

Through this time of reflection, I am reminded that time is precious and I set the example for my children through:

  • Prayer
  • Reading the Bible
  • Glorifying God in all of my actions
  • Words I use
  • The Tone in which I speak
  • Choosing to edify others
  • Not allowing name-calling in our home
  • Not allowing ‘things’ to have more importance than hearts or people
  • Showing love
  • Identifying their strengths
  • Not talking about others
  • Paying Bills on Time
  • Being involved in Politics
  • Sharing God’s Word with Others
  • Being a good citizen by following the laws
  • My attitude towards those in office in our Government
  • Lovingly disciplining my children

I Can’t Change Their Hearts

As a parent, it can be frustrating (and almost heart-breaking) to not be able to change the heart of a child and not take on the responsibility of ‘doing’ that.  I do have a responsibility to lead them to Christ, to integrate every single moment into an opportunity for them to experience His love.  In the end, it is their choice. By loving a child, rather than be-rating or belittling them for their childish ways and not feeling the call on their hearts will never pull them closer to God.  It will, in fact, push them away.  That can be said about anyone-child or adult.  No one can change the heart of another….that is the work of God, and the Holy Spirit.

As a Christian Parent

I am called to living out a life based on the example of Christ.  I am not called to be perfect, but I am called to live a life that is transforming into His image.  I can never be HIM, but I can be ‘like’ him….  I am called to share and love with all…..  and as a Christian in relationship with other Christians, there are other requirements of a Godly relationship….as a parent, I can’t thrust the same requirements on a child….they are children…and their hearts are tender.

As I write this, I am reminded of the words shared at Apologia Live – for every negative word stated to a child, ten positive statements must be made to undo any heart damage…..

I consider that as I go through my days… speak in a loving and edifying tone to my children…..that is where my heart is right now.  School, education…it will come.  Their hearts, our relationship…those are most important and it begins with how I live my life for God…..

I’m joining with Kids in the Word today….sharing this….scripture and where I am right now…..

What Fruit Do Your Children Witness?

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  1. Love when God sends you the wright words at the right time … thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this today. Lately “words” have been in abundance in our home. I am a tired momma at the end of the day. I needed this reminder. Thank you for linking up at Simply Helping Him.

  3. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 It’s my tone that I have to keep close tabs on when speaking to my family…

    With love,
    From My Mountain View [dot] com

    • Rebecca, yes…I too have had to struggle with my tone…especially when I get frustrated. It’s something I’ve really been praying about and keeping at the forefront of my mind….. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I think about this all the time! I want my daughter to hear we speak lovingly to my husband. Thanks for linking up with Simply Helping Him, I’m glad you shared this.

    • Leslie,
      Yes, our children need to hear us speak lovingly to everyone. I’m often reminded of that …and when I think back to my own childhood, it is the one thing I remember the most…the tone in the voices of adults….it made an impact on me. I am ashamed to admit, I’ve not held that thought closely, as I have used a bad tone all too often. But, the more I pray, the more the FRUIT in me changes. Thank you!