Composer and Classical Music Study For Kids

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Study Composers and Classical Music

 Composer and Classical Music Study for Kids

Study Composers and Classical Music

I am super excited about using the Young Scholar’s Guide To Composers.  I have always believed (based on what I have read and experienced in my own life) that it is so incredibly important for our children to study classical music.  One of the beauties in studying music and the composers of great music is the ability to learn, grow and see how God creates us with different talents.  How does Young Scholar’s Guide fit into that thought?  Well..the VERY first reason given in the book for exposing children to classical music and classical composers…is that “music is from the Lord. He created it, and He created us with the ability both to make music and appreciate music.”

Print All Of Your Materials


Select Curriculum That Fits Your Family

It is important to select good material as you add classical music for kids.  It is key to ensure you are providing your children with material that supports your worldview.  In our case, I am always seeking material that matches our Biblical Worldview.

Young Scholar’s Guide To Composers has met our requirements.  I knew that when I opened the book and read this “there is much material available. about these composers that is not information we feel is appropriate for the age level of the students for whom this book is intended. Composers, even the classical composers, were sinners like the rest of us!  It takes no real digging to come across sins of every nature.  This leads us to those we included and those we decided to leave out and why.”  When I read that, I grinned and thought, “Thank you Bright Ideas Press….now I don’t have to read ten pages ahead to ensure my children’s hearts are protected as I gloss over material they do not need to know!”

Use Tabs To Organize Your Book


Get Organized

Once you have selected your Composer and Classical Music Material, it is important to get organized!  Once again, Bright Ideas Press Hit a HOME RUN for me with Young Composers.  It is well written, in chronological order and provides me with:

  • A schedule
  • Overview of how the lessons are written
  • Games for the children to play
  • Folderbook ideas and directions
  • Timelines
  • Pictures of the Composers
  • Ideas for organizing our folderbooks
  • Maps
Store Materials In Folders

This allows us to study music and historical figures in a chronological order, while learning about the geography where the composer was from – you could basically wrap up three or four areas of your homeschool day with this one curriculum!

  • History
  • Geography
  • Language Arts
  • Elective (music)

As we move through Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers this year (and the years to come) I will share how we implemented and what we did.

How I organized Composer and Classical Music for Kids

After not being as prepared as I should have been the first week, I put the book aside until I could properly prepare.

  • I printed all of the materials and placed them in individual folders.
  • I began creating the folderbooks
  • I created a notebooking page for Vivaldi using the Notebooking Publisher found at Notebooking Pages

Are you Studying Composers and Classical Music? If so, how have you organized your materials?





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Please note, this post contains affiliate links. See disclosure for full information


  1. Yes we are doing some composer/music studies this month. I have all of our various resources printed and in binder. I LOVE binders.