D is for Dinosaur Review and Twitter Party

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D is for Dinosaur

I always enjoy reading the Bible with my children.  This past year, we began reading it chronologically.  As we have read through the Bible Chronologically, my children have asked a ton of questions about Creation and Noah’s Ark.  I think…those were my favorites when I was little (and now)…so, it’s great reading them with my children now…




D is for Dinosaur

Recently, we added a new book to our Bible time – D is for Dinosaur from Masterbooks – New Leaf Publishing!  Have you heard of it?

This is a fun and very colorful flip-chart style book to read with your children.  It is written in a fun sing-song style poetry utilizing the letters of the alphabet to explain creation and the flood!


Days of Creation

Not Just a Book

No, D is for Dinosaur is not JUST a book!  As I stated above, it is a flip-chart style book.  On one side of the ‘chart’ or page, you have the story and fun pictures for the children to look at and read.  On the opposite side is a great page for parents (or leaders of a Sunday school) to read/gather information to help add more information/details to the various pages in the book.

  • Let’s Read – this has the same text/poem that is on the page the children see.  So, you can sit in front of your child or children and read this page, without having to strain your neck by holding the book way out to the side (you know what I’m talking about!)
  • The Starting Point- Provides you with information about the page, a thought about worldview and Bible verses to guide your children in the truth of each page.
  • Bible Bits – little tid bits of information to share with your children…it’s a great way to share Bible facts with your children
  • Let’s Talk – It’s important to get our children thinking and talking about what they read and hear.  This section provides some good questions to really help draw your children into the heart of God as you disciple them.
  • Always Remember – This helps you begin to wrap up what you have discussed
  • Stuff To do – Kids learn by doing (I do, too….hmmmm)  So, why not jump in, read some fun stories and then…follow up with an activities
  • Quick review – One last review and you’re off and running!
Day 5 of Creation

Now, you don’t have to do all of the activities I just listed.  You can read through the entire book, front to back…or a page at a time.  It’s completely up to you.  One thing is for certain…..no matter how you decide to read the book, it will increase your family’s knowledge and build a deeper understanding of the Bible while growing a beautiful Biblical Worldview!

We created a wall mural of the days of creation….it was a lot of fun and we love having it on display in our home.

Twitter Party

Join the Moms Of Master Books for a Fun Twitter Party!

  • Date:  Thursday, August 23 at 9pm Eastern
  • Follow:  @Masterbooks4u
  • Prizes:  Attendees can answer questions to win copies of D is for Dinosaur


Linking this up with Kids In The Word – it’s important to teach our children about God through reading His word….adding hands-on activities and other books to circumvent the books generally found on the shelves…is another great way to ensure your children are learning the truth!

What have you read with your children lately?


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Disclosure:  I received a free copy of D is for Dinosaur in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.

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