Do We Need a Homeschool Schedule

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Schedule Defends from Chaos


Schedules Schmedules…..yes, I think they add some assistance to any family. Having a schedule helps provide direction in a home and honestly, they comfort a child.

Everyone likes to know what they need to do, how to do it and…well, when they should do it.

I think that is why summer can be difficult. The unknown, the lack of direction….the inability to establish goals and then….work towards those goals, leaves idle hands.

Every year, I start with a ‘schedule’…and it changes. Life happens, children change, and anything and everything that can happen to disrupt that schedule, usually will.

Schedule Your Priorities

In all honestly, we have only had one day (over the past two weeks) that has not had interruptions. Something, someone…or just life happened to steer us away from a schedule.

In those moments, I am so thankful we homeschool….and while I use this as a guide, I have learned not to be upset or anxious if we are not doing what I had ‘scheduled’ to do at that moment.

Our Homeschool Schedule

So, without further delay, here is our schedule on paper….it will change, it will morph, it may or may not be followed in the way it is written.
However, it,will help guide our days and help provide direction and a general starting point….  In case you’re wondering, I was inspired to create a schedule like this by my friend, Cindy.  She has inspired me in so many ways over the past two years…and her post about her curriculum and schedule...really convicted me (in a good way)….to get my own schedule and curriculum in order and to remember what comes first.

Homeschool Schedule


FREE Printable

So, Yes, it is important to follow a schedule.  And to help inspire you, I created a free printable with these quotes for you.

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What is your schedule?

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  1. Oh, golly. You’re getting up at 4:30? I’m not sure why, but that sounds so much harder to do than 5. In fact, that’s why I’m a Calvinist. I read that John Wesley got up at 4:30 a.m. and considered it a grave sin to lie abed any later when there where souls to be saved and, well, maybe some people are that holy, but I need a little bit of grace. 5 a.m. is the best I can do. Don’t tell my dad. He’s a Wesleyan minister. 😉

  2. Wow, how do you do it getting up so early? I need to get my act in gear, and in a very serious way! 🙂

    I have fought the schedule vs. no schedule war for so long. On one hand, we need the structure and guidelines and on the other hand, I don’t want to be too restrictive. I will work on one while here on vacation and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration, as always, and for the beautiful printable!

  3. wendy davis says:

    I think a schedule is important if for no other reason it teaches children how to be punctual as much as life will allow.Being homeschooled allows a lot of flexabilty, and thats one of the wonderful advantages but I can see how too much of fly by the seat of you pants may hinder young adults during collage years and beginning the work force if there has never been any type of structure or routine.

  4. We don’t have a schedule – but we have a “flow” to our days. When a life season changes, we get a new “flow”. Right now we are in a transition because our house is up on the market and we are trying to figure out where we will live next! Our flow is more of a survival plan right now. ;0)

  5. We *love* chaos and whim! Thanks for sharing your day. We’re unschoolers in Australia and love hearing about other homeschoolers’ lives and meeting them as we travel!

  6. Nice looking calendar! I’m not that organized, but I’m always a little in awe of people who are. 🙂

  7. Wow, 4:30! I’m pretty sure I don’t need that much alone time! We don’t have a set in stone schedule because my daughter has a sleep disorder, and I work from home, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning. Our whole day depends on whether she gets to sleep the night before, and at what time. We do have a schedule for school…kind-of…we do core curriculum with Time4Learning first, electives, special projects, science experiements, foreign language, after core subjects. This means if she gets up and gets started before noon, we get more accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, I still get my alone time, just not at 4:30am!! Happy homeschooling!

    • Linda, Isn’t it great that we can work our schedules to meet our needs and the needs of our family. I am so sorry for your little one with a sleep disorder. That must be difficult for you. Thank you for dropping by….your words bless me!

  8. Im with you! Getting up early makes me feel more prepared for my day. Some days I run, some days I get to the gym for a weight class, or I might just sing while I’m making the lunches. But getting up early makes the day work better. The schedule works for us. My children are confident in what to do and enjoy being able to be independent. Thanks for the organization ideas I like the way there is flexibility to plug in different areas to work on. Have a great rest of the school year!