Homeschool Classroom Garage Sale Style

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Homeschool Garage Sale Style


Garage Sale Furniture For Homeschool

When we began homeschooling, we used furniture we had available in our home – a little book shelf, a tv stand and a larger book shelf.  As we have continued to homeschool, we have made a conscious effort to use items in our home or from garage sales.  So far, we have been able to accomplish that with very few new purchases.

Last year, we added a large desk for our computer hub from a yard sale.

This year, we took part of the desk out and added a few brand new items, breaking with all garage sale items, but maintaining a frugal budget.

In the picture above, you can see the first small book shelf that friends gave us who were moving to Australia, our Garage sale desk and…a books helf from the same garage sale.  The chair was my mother’s and the chair at the computer desk belonged to friends moving to China…..  All in all, this is one of my favorite places in our home…the windows are just beautiful and are one reason, I want to keep this room as open as possible.

School Room Book Shelves

Storage Calendar and  All About Spelling


White Board

Our biggest additions this year is our white board.  It is actually a shower wall from a local hardware store.  My husband purchased it for $11, cut it down and hung part of it in this room.  The other purchase is our storage area with 5 bins.  I purchased this entire storage unit and hte baskets for less than $50.  It is a great way to store some of our manipulative, supplies and it’s where we store some of the items my husband and I need to maintain our home schedule, etc.  This wall holds my youngest son’s calendar, his white board that is magnetic for his phonics program and if you look above that, you’ll see some clothes pins on the wall.  My youngest decorated them, I attached them to the wall with two-sided tape and use this space to hold his art work.  And…we added a bean bag this year.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to add two more soon.

Family Room with Games Books and Nature Center

Bible, Worldview and Nature Center

We use our entire home for learning…including our large family room.  In this room, we keep our games for the week (not all of our games….I store most in our pantry under our stairs, but I bring new ones out each week and place them on the fire-place.)  Next to the fire-place is our nature center, where the children keep their shells, fossils, rocks and any little creatures living in jars.  On the opposite side of the room, I have some of our read aloud books, our Bibles, Worldview curriculum, Nature books and projects my daughter and i are working on for knitting/crocheting.

Dining Room

Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jar Homeschool Storage

Dining Room Learning

Our dining room is now multi-purpose.  This room has the best lighting and it’s also where we hung the other part of the white board.  I found a great little basket to keep in the middle…where we store our daily supplies:  Pencils, color pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, whiteboard markers, and other supplies.  Yes, those are mason jars.  I LOVE using mason jars for storage.  My Dad brought me a huge supply of those several years ago…so, they are a great reminds of my Father’s love as we go through our day.

Play and Reading Room

Music and Play Room

Next to our dining room is what would be our Formal Living room. This is our play room.  In it, we have a couch and book shelf purchased at a yard sale…and a piano purchased at a yard sale, too.  It needs a little work, but it is a great way to begin….as we are just beginning piano lessons this year.

Back Yard

Outdoor Learning Area

The other major place we homeschool, is our back yard.  We have a great tree house, patio and zip-line……so, if you ever need to find us…..just shout around back, you’ll hear us laughing and having a good time together.

I hope you have enjoyed our humble home…where we use what we can and do our best to maintain a humble budget.  Before you go, do not forgot to subscribe to Mom’s Mustard Seeds for our daily adventures and opportunities to receive encouragement throughout your days.

Where do you homeschool?

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  1. Love it. I love the basket with the school supploes in jars. So please share where you boight the bean bag? I want to get a couple too. I love the garage sale stuff. I have a picture of on one of my dumpster diving pieces in my school room post.

    • Oh, the Bean Bag was not from a yard sale….it was at Target….cheapest one I have found so far…BUT, too small for older kiddies….still searching…

  2. Love it! I love the windows and the bright yellow color. Beautiful and cheerful! So rewarding to wait to find treasures and find them at a great deal. It makes the items all that more special. We removed the wall paper in our dining room a few years ago and painted it and turned it into our homeschool room. Although, like you we might be found in the living room, kitchen or else where doing our school. I just love being in our homeschool space and finding new ways to organize it each year. Thanks for sharing!

    • Stacy, thanks! The yellow…is really more gold than yellow, but does look very yellow in pictures. Isn’t it great being able to roam around and learn where you want!

  3. Ooooh! I love your school room and all of your other learning areas!!

  4. LOVE your spaces!! I really love the look of the mason jars in the dining room too! Great organizing!!

  5. Oh I really love all your learning centers – garage sale style :) Learning all over the place. And thanks for sharing the details on your white board.

    • Tricia, Thank you! The white board….has been an awesome addition to our home. My little guy does not love writing yet, but writing on the white board with crayons….has been a huge win so far this year!

  6. Wow – what great spaces that you have created for learning!!

    • Thanks – it’s constantly changing…a friend was here today….and she was here last week and I’ve swapped it all around since her last visit…..

  7. The shower wall whiteboard is brilliant!
    It looks like you have some great spaces to facilitate lots of learning and fun. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jackie Gallagher says:

    Absolutely love it!!! I am totally going to the store to buy some shower board!!! What a really great deal…and idea!! I have been lookin for a whiteboard for our classroom but refused to pay a couple hundred dollars!! Thanks!!

    • The whiteboard is fabulous….the two boards we have were one…and total it was $11, I think. Make sure you only use wipe off markers/crayons and don’t leave them on for more than two days, or it will stain the board. Other than that…it’s perfect…and cheap enough that it can easily be replaced should something happen to it. You could also cut it down to make small, individual boards for little ones….

      • Jackie Gallagher says:

        Oh that is a great idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I really appreciate it!!!

  9. I love all the inexpensive items–it’s great to see we don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great schoolroom at home. I love the mason jars, especially the memories of a loved one tied in!

    A wonderful schoolroom and whole-house learning environment!

  10. i LOVE that you showed your homeschool room as a lifestyle—and it’s rooms, including outdoor spaces!

    I still have to update my post with more pictures tomorrow when the lighting is better. I got behind in my, ahem, clean-up and organization! LOL

  11. I so enjoyed this tour. Garage sale is our style, too. I am going to make a supplies tray like yours for my little ones!

  12. I LOVE the mason jar idea! Thank you so much for sharing that, I have yet to organize our school supplies for this year so I’m doing that this week, and will be using your idea! I also love mason jars, and have some antique ones I keep my baking soda and baking powder in. :)

  13. Very nice! I love the basket with the jars, it looks cool. I have a friend that uses the shower board and it is HUGE – for less than $20. If I had known that trick 7 years ago, I would have done that instead of spending $125 on the not so huge white board I have :/

    Have a great school year!