Learning Division with Living Books

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Living Books Make Division More Interesting

I love the way my children are incredibly different. Each one has a gift or talent….something that truly sets them apart and identifies the amazing way they were created as an individual with a purpose.

My oldest LOVES to read and he loves math.  He has always enjoyed reading and since he learned to count, math has been one of his easiest subjects, until this year.

This year, math has been a bit of a challenge.  It has been a good challenge, but a challenge none the less.  In an effort to help him grow through this challenge and grasp the concept of division on a greater level, I began digging for books that would grab his interest- to keep him pushing along, striving to learn, grow and maintain his love of learning.

Through my digging, I discovered The Multiplying Menace Divides.  This is a fun book that picks up where the Multiplying Menace ends.

Peter, the Prince who vanquished Rumpelstiltskin, is walking down the road looking for his dog, Zero.  As he is walking, he notices some very interesting cows in the pasture, the are ‘froggy cows’.  Yes, you read that right, froggy cows.  Animals that are part cow, part frog.  As he continues on his walk, looking for Zero, he comes upon a Mother with her children, two of each are part frog.

Now, his mind begins to wonder if Rumpelstiltskin is back in town. But, tries pushing that thought away, as he remembers that he vanquished him in Multiplying Menace.

However, his fear increases as he enters the castle and finds some of the guards turned into frogs and even his own Dad, the King has also been turned into a frog.  His mother, the queen identifies the fact that his Father, the King, had been a frog before, but a kiss from a Princess had broken him from the spell of the evil Queen Matilda.

This puts Peter’s mind at ease, a little, as he thinks that Rumpelstiltskin is truly not in the picture.  As he begins to see a pattern in the numbers of a whole group of people/animals being turned into partial frogs, he identifies that perhaps the Multiplying stick can help him turn things around.

Peter ventures off to find the stick and finds Queen Matilda AND Rumpelstiltskin together.  In their hands was a stick called the GREAT Divide and they were discussing adding it to the power of The Great Multiplier.  In the midst of the conversation, they discover Peter and he quickly begins to understand how the Great Divide Works when they turn 12 kittens into 8 kittens and 4 frogs by saying “Kittens divided by three”.

You see, there was another element in the wand that not only divided, but turned the end number into a frog creature.

The Prince began to realize, through conversations that the only way the ‘magic’ could be ‘undone’ was to combine the The Great Divide and Multiplier together and then tell it a mathematical equation that was a bad equation And that’s where his dog zero comes into play.

As before, I’m not going to share how the story ends. While I’m not big on magic or having my children read stories about magic, I have enjoyed this book, as it has helped my son begin to see division in a different light.

He’s doing great in his math and even in the midst of a challenge, he is still pushing through and loving it!

Have any of your children struggled with Division?

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  1. Rebecca, Thanks for this review! Just what we need for the new school year as we launch into division. I hadn’t heard about either book, so just put them both in my cart at a bookstore that’ll ship to us (FREE) here in China.

  2. These look like great books. We are going to be doing division here this year as well. Will have to check out these books. Hope Amazon has them!