Reading Horizons (Review)

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Reading Horizons Online

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, I realized she was not reading as well as her older brother.  She was easily distracted and very frustrated.  I thought that perhaps our recent move from another state and her Grandmother’s death may have impacted her emotionally and she just needed a few months.

Months passed and her frustration grew.  She would easily become angry, she was tired, fussy and not at all the happy child she had been before the school year started.

Troubled Reader

My heart sank as a mother…and we began seeking answers.  We paid a couple of places to begin the initial testing for Dyslexia and most said she ‘may’ dyslexic but they would need an additional $1,200 to confirm.

My heart told me she merely needed additional help with reading.  The way her brother had been taught was completely different.  He and I would sit at night reading through flash cards, learning the phonetic pronunciation for all of the letters of the alphabet, adding new site words each day and mixing the two methods together.  For my sweet girl, it was nothing more than copywork and reading – and it did not work well for her.

And….we went to learn how to help her at home.  For the past two years, I have been using a program and it has been good, but still not quite what she needed.

Recently, I began a new program – Reading Horizons V5 Online.  It is an online Reading Program that is based on Orton Gillingham (well-proven, multi-sensory system that incorporates kinesthetic, verbal and visual learning styles)…and I have noticed progress unlike any progress I have witnessed over the past three years that I have had my daughter at home.

Reading Horizons V5 Online

Helping a Child With Reading Problems

Reading Horizons V5 Online is very easy to navigate.

Once you log your student/child(ren) in and ‘launch’ them, they begin the first Chapter out of 6 Chapters.  Each chapter has lessons and vocabulary that when combined help the student grow their ability to read, decode and understand the meaning of words.


This picture identifies chapter 1 – which has 14 lessons.  You can see how the lesson helps identify letter groups, building words, nonsense words, etc. These are all the building blocks of the Orton Gillingham process…and I must admit, Reading Horizons has thoroughly completed their homework here (after 30 years, I would think so!)


I must admit, this has been one of my favorite areas within Reading Horizons so far.  I love the way they have integrated vocabulary with decoding.  Allowing my daughter to see the words, break them down and understand their meaning…..has created a whole new world to her.  While some of the words were already in her memory bank…many were not.  Reading Horizons has given her the ability to learn how to read longer words and understand their meaning.  Truly…this has changed her way of thinking about reading…..and has helped her gain more confidence.



Once your student/child(ren) has completed the ‘lessons’ and vocabulary portion of a lesson, they add to their library (books/lessons they read or have read to them) and it helps identify not only how they are reading, but their reading comprehension.

And…yes, there are tests to help measure how they are doing. They are not incredibly taxing, but are set up like the lessons and your student really should not notice too much of a difference.

The library is a fun way for your child(ren) to show off what they have learned and also learn about topics you may not be covering in your home.  For me, I love that I don’t have to go to the library for these books…and risk a late fee!


 Parental Abilities

Parents can:  Add students, delete students, review student reports.

The student reporting is very thorough and provides you with good insight regarding your child(ren)’s progress throughout the program.  However, I do recommend you stay close by your child(ren) while they are working on Reading Horizons so that you can integrate their lessons into other subjects you cover during your days.

Will we REALLY Use Reading Horizons in our Home?

YES….most definitely.  It is in our Homeschool Curriculum and Our Schedule For the year!  And…my daughter has actually been asking:  “Mommy, may I use the computer for my Reading Horizons assignment now?”….that is truly music to this Mommy’s ears!

I have witnessed improvements in her reading, writing and reading comprehension.  Just last week, she wrote a really cute and creative newspaper. She loves writing….as long as what she writes will not be edited or reviewed for spelling and grammar mistakes.

As I read through it and noticed a few mistakes, I was able to see that she s growing and learning and that this phase of her life, her struggles, her fears of others reading what she is writing, will soon be something she no longer has to fear.  She will probably have to work hard in all areas of reading and writing.  BUT, she is moving forward and gaining the confidence necessary to no longer feel bad about that, and she knows (now) she can overcome using the tools she is learning right now with Reading Horizons.

Using Reading Horizons Online At Home

Getting Started with Reading Horizons v5 Online At home

Reading Horizons has made it so easy to implement this program in your home.  You can watch this video (available on their youtube channel) and it will walk you through adding a student. Additional videos for how to use the software are embedded within Reading Horizons V5 Online at home.  Again, Reading Horizons has considered everything you need to keep you and your child(ren) moving forward with their reading literacy.

Purchase Reading Horizons

You can Purchase Reading Horizons here

Additional information:

Reading Horizons V5 Online At Home:


Find Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons has a great website that will help prepare you for this journey.  They cover the how-to’s , etc.

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Reading Horizons has graciously offered to give one reader a 180-day subscription to Reading Horizons Program for ages 10-adult ($179 value) - this is good for two students/children in an online atmosphere at home.  This contest will end on August 27th.
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Disclosure:  I received Reading Horizons V5 Online for free for one year, in exchange of my honest opinion.  I will be compensated for this review.  We have been using this product since may 2012 and this post is my current assessment of Reading Horizons online 5 and we will continue using Reading Horizons in the future.  Note:  I chose not to use our personal screen shots at the request of my daughter…desiring some anonymity.

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  1. This may be just what my sweet girl needs! She, too, is struggling so much more than her older sister and I would love to help her learn to love reading as much as her sister and I do, and remove the angst associated with the the question “Do I have to read now?” Thanks for the information!

  2. I have a struggling reader also. She has confidence issues because of it. I have tried everything. I think this would be perfect for her.

  3. Question: I looked over the site. It appears that with the $179 only one student can use the program. Am I misunderstanding this? I just know that if one of my children have access to something, they all want access to it too. From your experience, can you tell if I have to pay $179 per child? Oh, and yes, please count me in for the contest. :>)

    • Holly, the $179 program (online) will provide you with access for two students/children. Please make sure you enter the contest through one of the activities available through the rafflecopter entry.

  4. Mandy Nelson says:

    This sounds promising for my 8yo DD! We’re signing up for the 7 day trial today.

  5. Angela Upright says:

    I would so love to win this to use with my son! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Thanks for offering this contest. I could really use it to help my struggling reader.

  7. I would love to try this with my struggling kiddos. ;) Thanks!

  8. I have two struggling readers so I am really excited to read about this program and what you thought. We will have to check out their free trial. Thank you.

  9. I would love to win this for my nephew!

  10. Each time I see reading horizon I am more interested if I dont win I will be investing it looks like a good fit for my 6 year old.

  11. I would love to give this a shot for my younger two!

    How old was your daughter when she started it?

  12. Would love to win…am overwhelmed learning just 2day that my son has dyslexia.

  13. This looks like it would be a huge help to my struggling 10-year-old!

  14. Trena Naccarato says:

    This would help 2 of my 3 children with their reading. What a great program.

  15. I have a dyslexic son. He’s ten. I would love to try this program!

  16. We have been using reading horizons (the home version, not on the computer) and LOVE it. It was worth every penny. My daughter learned the basics very quickly, but I can honestly say that at almost 6 years old, she is reading at a 4th grade level because of this program. My husband has even learned a lot because he was never a strong reader.

  17. I’d love to win and try this for my daughter.

  18. Nice. Looks like a great program.

  19. Can you tell me if Reading Horizons works on reading comprehension? My sixth grade son can decode fairly well, but I’m worried about his comprehension skills. He also really struggles with spelling (even fairly easy words).

  20. Amy Oliver says:

    I have a 10 year old who has really struggled with reading. I suspect dyslexia but have never had him testing. Would love to find a curriculum that helps him learn and gain confidence in reading!

  21. this looks like a fantastic program! my 9 yr old is showing improvement but reading has always been a huge struggle for him.

  22. This looks like a great program to help my struggling readers. Of my six children, three have some form of learning disability causing reading to be a struggle and creating lots of frustration. I am really looking forward to using the trial to see if this is the product that will help push 2 of them past the constant frustrations. Thanks for the great review!

  23. This sounds like it would help my struggling reader.