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Timeline of Classics

My children love our read aloud time and they are each growing their own love of learning.

My oldest is leading the way there. He is a lot like me….he generally has 2-3 books lying around and will pick one up, read it.  Then, he will run off on a fun adventure, only to return to another book and again.. he’s off.

I have had a difficult time lately keeping up with his ferocious appetite of reading.  I want to help guide him with good, wholesome heart books – and especially help increase our family’s historical knowledge.

That can be hard to do….searching, seeking and actually finding books that pertain to a certain era.  And I’ll be honest, while there are a ton of sites out there, this mama just doesn’t have at on of time to sit and research.  I have a busy home (you do too, right)… friends, activities and my part-time job(s) keep our home buzzing 24/6 (yes, we take a day off….).

I can not use any of that as an excuse.  To me, truly learning and understanding history is so very important…and I refuse to take the easy way out.  However, I have found someone who has worked hard to pull together a very good and comprehensive list of books – that span the years and will help you and your family!

Timeline of Classics

Timeline of Classics

Last spring at Teach Them Diligently, I found a resource…I was not expecting, nor did I realize the true depth at which it would help my family.

This resource has truly been a HUMONGOUS help to me lately when it comes to reading…and research.

Gail Ledbetter – founder of Timeline Of Classics and a homeschool Mom sat down one day and began identifying all of the books she had read with her daughter through the years.  Not only did she just write them down, she created a master list of the books and how they are written Chronologically!!!

YES, you read that right!

And this is not a SMALL list – it is an 82 page document (in spreadsheet form) that identifies classic world history in four categories:

  • Ancients
  • Middle Ages
  • Renaissance and Reformation
  • The Modern World

Gail did not just stop there, though….the list identifies 4 categories for each book within each time period:

  • Time Period
  • Title
  • Author
  • Reading Level

While I love the list of books, the fact that they are in chronological order and it is packaged very nicely…I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quotes that are sprinkled throughout the document on each page!!!!

This has become one of my favorite resources…..and you know my all time disclaimer.  I recommend you read a book either before or with your child.  Each family has their own requirements for a book….  So, what i am saying about The Timeline of Classics is this….I have not reviewed every book on this list.  However, it is a great, comprehensive, easy to follow list that I do recommend for any home….

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