Annals of the World

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Annals of the World


It seems to be missing something.  At least the history I was taught in school was missing something.

It spoke about Caesar and ancient times, but it seemed to miss Jesus.  This caused me to question many things in my faith.  If Jesus was real, if he really did exist and he existed during the times in which I was being taught, why was he not spoken of?

As a Mom, I want to disciple my children and help them grow in the truth of God.  Having access to good books with a Biblical Worldview that shares the truth about our World and American History is so incredibly important to me.

Over the past few years, I have searched to find books that really pull a historical timeline into a literary content that I could share with my children while reading the Bible and other books.

Little did I know that James Ussher wrote such a book and it was published for the first time in 1658 (two years after he died!)  In 1997, Answers in Genesis obtained photocopies of the 1650-1654 Latin version and the1658 English copy and it was decided that the book needed to be republished.

This amazing task was taken on by Marion and Larry Pierce.

This amazing book starts at the beginning of creation and goes through -73 AD

Key to References in The Annals Of The World

It provides any home with insight to various dating methods, identifies the source and authors of different texts and can be used for a History Curriculum, a devotion in your home, or a great book to read along with your Bible.

How To Use the Annals of the World

I can provide you with insight as to how we use it.

As I am reading the Bible or other content during the day that references the Bible or various events in history, I will reference the Annals of the World to identify events around the world and as an easier way to identify what was happened that would be written in the Bible.  After all, most Bibles are not written with a ‘date’ in them.  This book allows me to identify that, and the even in the Bible.  Then, I can reference my Bible.

Biblical Worldview

If you have read my blog long enough, which may only take a week (possibly less), you’ll know that my desire is to truly drench my children in the wellspring of God’s love and word and equip them with a Biblical Worldview.

Nothing less than the best will do. Though that is not always easy to find or even possible to provide.

However, God has provided this book to our family and I truly can not share the true depth in which it has helped our home.  My little guy will even run through the house and grab it and our Adams Chronologcial chart and will say “Mommy, show me where this happened.”

This is truly one of my favorite resources in all areas of our learning.

What is your favorite resource this week?


Disclosure:  I received the Annals of World History in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation will be or has been received.
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  1. You have inspIred me to get out my “Annals” and review its benefits. I write non-fiction children’s books, so I’m always looking for good timelines that integrate history with Biblical events. Thanks so much!


  2. I love this! I’m adding it to my wish list now! Thanks for sharing and making me aware of its existence!