Find and Match Letter Names and Phonics

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I have a very busy home. One filled with two boys and one girl. I know, you might have more, the same or less. I bet your home is busy, too. And I bet you…Mom are trying to find some fun things for all of your children that are fun to do…and they will ASK to do….that will increase their learning.

Yes, I thought so…

Me too!

Last year, we made a ‘find’ it game. It was easy to make. WE mixed blue and white sand in a jar, added some shapes and alphabet letters, closed it up…and voila!

We have spent a ton of time searching for our letters and treasures in this…and it gave me an idea one day when my little guy needed something to do while I taught math to one of my other children.

I grabbed the jar, an alphabet puzzle, and our tray….and sat down on the floor with him. Together, we came up with a fun game for him to play…

Find and Match Letters

I had him go through each of the letters, find it in the jar and say the name and the phonetic sound for each letter.

Then, he had to put each piece in the puzzle!

Working Hard to Identify Letters and Sounds

He smiled and said “OH Mom, this will be easy!”

Insert Mommy grin here…as I said, “Oh buddy, I know it will be easy, you know your letters and sounds.  The challenge will be to find the letters in the sand without becoming frustrated.”

He had fun, but it did take him longer than he thought it would!

All in all, it was a ton of fun.  It was an easy activity and we were able to use things we already had.  I love it when God inspires me with something like that!

What fun activities have you been inspired with lately?


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  1. This is a great activity that I think Sophie would do really well with! Thanks!!