Finding My Focus

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Shower Walls

I walked by the shower and noticed…something I had not noticed during my early morning rush at waking in the warmth of the water.  I noticed the cracks in the wall…the crevices were becoming grimy with the ugliness that hides in the dark places.

I saw the way the mold and the mildew were becoming one and creating an ugly area of the place I loved waking, washing away the night, allowing the day before to drain away and the beauty of a new day dawning….

My eyes did not see that before….the eyes clouded over with fuzz without the glass in front of them to see the truth of the world around.

Haze and fuzz….cloud the eyes of those who can’t see, those whose eyes are diverted from the world around.

and in that moment, I saw the lack of focus shifting in my life.

The shift from who he wanted me to become to one that others were shouting….in the distance…deafening shouts of various sorts….shouts of who I should be, what I should be doing, where I should……be

The World

overwhelming the ears, causing confusion to the heart, anxiety to the brain and a lack of focus as the world’s voice becomes loud…too loud

The knees….bent low as I cleaned the shower, scrubbing, scouring, desiring to rid my eyes of the ugly muck that was growing all too quickly in the head and humidity of the southern summer…..

The glasses over the eyes…identified where it was and how hard my hands had to work at removing it.

Why had I let it get so bad?  Why had I not seen this?

Just a few minutes a day….just to wipe away the water, the dirt…each day….it only takes a minute….

It only takes minutes….to sit at his feet, to share thanks and His word with my heart…..

Yet, like the shower, I put it off, I let the world tell me……the love story it wanted to share…..and now, I’m back…wiping away the tears….in the beauty of his love

His arms are always open

His heart always there for me….to take away the grime and the muck… help me find my




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Notebooking Pages Free Resources


  1. I get lost to often in the shouts of the world x

  2. Beautiful! Yes, we must be abiding daily; picking up that manna each and every day; not storing up yesterday’s in hopes that it will sustain us ’til next week! Such a great picture: the cleansing that comes when we go to our knees. Thanks so much for sharing! I stopped by from Lisa Jo’s 🙂

  3. The daily cleansing…the daily noticing…the daily reminder that its His love that washes us fresh…thanks for readjusting my focus today

  4. A beautiful post, Rebecca. I am certainly convicted after reading this. This past week, as “busy” and hectic as it has been, I have neglected to get on my knees and spend those precious moments with the Lord as much as I should. Thank you for the reminder and the push to cleanse myself with His Love.

  5. really beautiful post and a great reminder for us!