Grasp the Days Even Though They Are Long

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Grasp The Days


It’s a happy week in our home.  Grandma is here – sharing her love, hugs, snuggles and wisdom with our family.

My computer sits and beckons at time, there’s work to be done, friends who need help, prayers that need to be read, emails from readers who reach out, grasping hold of friends across the globe who meet together in quiet and isolation……but, they must wait.

The giggles, grins, each one calling my heart back to where it should be.

Cherishing the moments, grabbing hold of the seconds, the moments…..the minutes and days.

They Were Babes Yesterday

Wasn’t it just yesterday they were babes in my arms. when did he grow so tall? I no longer need to bend to hug him.

And my girl, she stands there -now, holding the undershirt-and I’m pushing back. My heart wants her to remain that little girl I see in my memory running with copper hair in ‘three piggy tails, mama’…..climbing my body to play hickory dickory dock…..JUST ONE LAST TIME. But, she’s too big now…and that moment is gone.

I come back to the moment as we stand in the dressing room and I help her find the one that fits that will be her first step into woman-hood and I realize, in that moment, the past, it is beautiful.

Long Nights With Babies Come to An End

Those long nights, the gift and blessing of those early years of sleepless nights and crying and diapers. It’s all worth it and as we stand there I realize, she’s taking that step and inviting me along.

She wants me to take this moment and capture it – she wants to be like me – oh, the irony of the one who needs so much forgiveness...

Seeking the love of the Savior, who tells me to rid myself of all sin and grab on to His freedom and as she hugs me, I realize….forgiveness comes in the hearts of ones who truly grab on to the freedom the Father has to offer.  That hearts that have not felt that forgiveness of another friend or family member can’t quite grasp that feeling, that need for true freedom and I release all to him, right there in that room.

She…she has no idea what’s going on in this mama brain and heart. But, she and I move closer together and grasp that moment…while inside I let go and grasp the freedom from the one who beckons me to keep my eyes on him….


As the day ends, I fall into slumber with the one still small enough for this small frame to pick up. Yet the day is coming soon-very soon, too quickly….where I will not be able to.

Just as he falls he asleep, I feel his hands, both….grasp onto mine….

and I cling to the Father who shares his blessings with me……

and I grasp the length of the days and the shortness of the years…..

 Are you Going to GRASP the Blessings You have been given?



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  1. Ahhh! Wrote a long comment then it went away lol! Haha! Was saying, sometimes we feel like x,y,or z has to get done asap but really it doesn’t, what has to get done asap is making sure my little ones know I love them and they are more important than x,y, or z! …. I needed to be reminded, thank you!

    Also, hope to meet you at allume! 🙂

  2. This sounds fun, being part of a linking up party. And though I’ve heard the term before, I have no idea what that actually means. I clicked over to Lisa Jo’s site, saw a fun GRASP entry and then all these people at the bottom in little squares. Um, I’d love to play but how exactly do I do it? lol. I write where? on my blog? and if that’s right then how do I actually make it link to her and get my little picture pop up? I know the link up party is over but it’d be fun for the future or just to know how to link up.

    • Lori, GREAT question. YOu write a blog post – on that topic – this week, it is Grasp. Then, you place a link to the blog (like I did in the text of mine) and then publish your blog post. Once you do that, take your url and add it to the linky at the bottom of the blog post that Lisa-Jo has this week. Your picture will show, once you submit your linky….it’s easy…I know it’s a little scary, but just give it a try, I think you’ll enjoy it.