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Pray Without Ceasing

It was one of those days.  Not a bad day, not an incredibly wonderful day.

Just a normal day.  We caught up on some geography and history and began our new worldview curriculum.  All in all, it was nice.  The day was filled with fun and a few heart issues.  But, all in all, it was a normal day.

Our afternoon music lessons were fun…it was wonderful sitting next to my sweet girl. She loved showing Mommy up on the piano and loved watching and hearing her do that.

It was a sweet moment.

As the day progressed, my body became so incredibly tired.  Just overwhelmed with thoughts of loved ones, those I care for, and I longed for a nice respite with a cup of tea.

While I prepared dinner, I listened to John Piper’s sermon-provided over at Good Morning Girls.  I could not hear all of it-between the noises of preparing dinner, but I caught most of it.

It warmed me and set me up for the night I had no idea was coming.

I crawled into bed, finally-too many hours on the clock had passed since I had really rested.  I prayed for my children, my family, friends and others. and I drifted….

That’s when it started.

Our youngest has the absolute worst growing pains when he goes through growth spurts. I can almost tell when they are going to occur. His appetite becomes ravenous and he is not as happy all of the time (if you knew this little guy, you would swear he slept with a smile on his face and most of the time, he does).

Yes, it began-the screams of pain in the night just as sleep had truly entered into my heart.

After an hour, he calmed down, snuggled into my arms and I drifted off to that beautiful slumber

Well, almost…my sweet girl had a rough night just before bed.  Heart talks with Daddy helped sooth her and yet she wanted Mommy’s arms.  We snuggled a bit and off she went to bed-calm and knowing she is loved. and I drift….

and the dog began to whimper, wine and beg to go outside.  The time on the clock seemed to stand still. and I knew someone else was trying to get my attention.

He’s had this on my heart and I keep pushing it back.

Pray for Other Christians

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The need to pray for other Christians.  Yes, we pray for everyone. Yet recently, he has really placed it upon my heart.  I love my Hello Mornings Study with 1 Peter and my Good Morning Girls study, as well.  Both keep me grounded/focused on Him rather on the other things that can cloud this heart of mine.

and so, I sat, listened, read and prayed and wanted to share this with you.  I pray it blesses you and all of the loved ones you pray for.

What Has God decided you needed lately (instead of sleep?)





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  1. Ironically, last night sleep was what He ordered. However, I had one of those nights the night before. We just began a parenting course and the enemy has been on the prowl among our children! The Lord had me awake and remembering what a battle this is. We must persevere for our families, as the power of the testimony of our life and love is greater than we know.

    • Oh, Jana, it is a battle of the spirit…..I have to remind myself of that non stop, especially when my mind begins to wander and …oh, it’s awful, until I remember….and I stop…and I hear His voice and words! Thank you for your sweet words!

  2. What a wonderful reminder. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  3. This happens to me, every now and then. What to do? Obey God and start praying. Pray for everyone that crosses my mind. I also find that after a night like that, even being tired, my day does go a little bit better. I am more focused because I spent so much time in prayer. I know prayer works and have seen many prayers answered and even a few miracles. So thankful I can help others by praying!

  4. Love this Rebecca. I’ve been dealing with insomnia this week, but I’ve been wondering if it hasn’t been God waking me up to pray. One morning it was 3:45am, yesterday it was 2 something. I just start praying. I really appreciate this post!

    • He works in mysterious ways. I often ask – Father, don’t I need rest for strength…I think sometimes he must giggle like a Daddy and pat me on the head and say “Oh sweet child, you keep getting close to understanding your strength comes from me… day, you’ll get it”…..yes, still depending on my strength to get me through a day….maybe writing that out will help me lay it down… praying for your insomnia! Last night, I had the first full night of sleep I have had in a LONG LONG TIME!!! Praying you have one soon!

  5. I was woken last night to miss 7 coming in and telling me that miss 3 was vomiting. So up I got.

    After that I was awake. So I just tweaked a tick list, and did a quick fb run. Found some stuff to share there.

  6. It seems the more I commit to get up early to spend time with Him, the more I have come against me. I just have to learn they are all distractions keeping me from my purpose. Thank you for the post. 🙂