Seeking Graceful

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  Philippians 4:13

The days seem to travel through my life, rather than my life traveling through the days….when I do not cling tight to the hem of the one who desires to show me the way.

His Words resound in my heart like a beautiful love song, when I allow them to seep into this heart.

The busyness of boys, their loud noises, their silly ways and the open heart of a girl who loves deeply and lives outloud the reality that this life is not one full of grace.

But, His is.

I sit and I ponder, I bow my head and pray…..they are not far from Cain and Abel, yet what did Adam and Eve really know about parenting?  Were they graceful in it?

They were blessed to walk in the garden with the one who created all.  The I am…..

Yet, even the words of two brothers, spilled blood shows that from the fall, all men will battle against their own soul to win the pride-desired ruin…..rather than truly knowing from birth that all we need is to hold to the hem and accept that

Graceful love He has to offer…that He gave so freely.

His act of love upon that tree.  He did not seek to hurt those who hurled the insults at him….

Here, he shed His grace, his love and mercy

His graceful heart.

And I sit and say “It’s too hard – this parenting and teaching gig I have thrown my whole self into.” and I beg for the mercy and graceful endurance that He had…to transform this sinful heart…desiring the flesh to be satisfied with a full night of sleep…for the little nuances of life to be taken away…

and quickly, He shares with me, the hurt, the pain, the sufferings others endure…

My heart is filled with His Graceful love…

and I lift my head and see their hearts, worn upon their faces….their eyes seeking to see the love of the Father, their lips prepared to smile…their arms, always open for this broken Mama…..enveloping me with the love and the graceful hugs, I prayed for for so long…

and he reminds me…

I can do everything through him who gives me strength….. Philippians 4:13




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  1. “cling to the hem”

    Yes. Oh, yes, do I need this reminder. Because where else is grace? Where else are we filled?

    Later today I’m headed to a ladies’ retreat; how timely to be reminded to go, go, go to Him. Thank you for these lovely words!

  2. Oh how I long for His grace!! More, I long to mirror His grace to others!!

  3. Oh, Philippians 4:13 is one of my favorite verses! I cling to it during times, like yours, where I question my abilities as a mother and teacher, or during whatever trials life seems to throw my way.

    Your post, as always, is beautiful, poignant and touched my heart. You write with such an elegance that seems to reflect His Love in every word.

  4. One of the best parts of His grace is that I can have HOPE in it. I am hopeful knowing that when I mess up, His grace is there waiting to soothe my soul. Great post, friend!

  5. Needed that word, that reminder, right now, as most of this day has been a huge discouragement…struggling hard to find the joy and thanks in my little ones who cause so much love and grief at the same time :0)

  6. Amazing. Philippians 4:13 is the very verse that has come to my mind as I have been praying for you. What joy to come here and read this! Fingerprints of Grace, my friend.

  7. you know me – every time I read about the heart of the mama and her babies I get all choked up – it is such a beautiful reflection of the love of God for us. He really does like it when we hug him like your babies hug you. He doesn’t need it – because as God he needs nothing – but he likes it. He likes us :-). Thank you for this – and thank you for the snack recipe – I read that too – and thank you for coming by as I have had my struggles down the rabbit hole. Been an interesting year, God bless you Rebecca – and all or yours