SEEKING Perfection

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A few days ago, a friend mentioned she had been asked (by a friend of hers) to join in the Pike’s Peak Ascent.  I giggled a little and pushed her to join in the race….to run that road, to join in the journey….explaining that regardless of whether or not she succeeded….at least she tried.

This sweet friend has been in my life for a little more than 16 years.  We have been roommates, best friends, and enemies.  We have partied together and enjoyed the beauty of marriage and becoming Moms together.

Our friendship has been a journey.

Yet, as I sat back and considered her race, our friendship and my own ascent of that beautiful peak… mind drifted to my own careful intentions of only entering into races I knew I could win.

Because anything less than perfection was not acceptable.

Are you seeking perfection – at all cost?  Join me over at Upside Down Homeschool.…as I share the rest of my journey in Waiting for and Seeking Perfection


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Notebooking Pages Free Resources


  1. Don’t you find that when you accomplish something you didn’t think you could do, the accomplishment is all the more sweet? 🙂 Learning to grasp the meaning of perfection & how I don’t have to be perfect. Happy Monday! :0