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Life is a Journey

This life is a journey.  A journey with twists and turns, bumps, hills and mountains that seem to climb straight up to the sky without anywhere to sit for a spell. To rest the bones, to dry the tears or even to just merely be alone with the one who loves the soul more deeply than could be imagined.

Along the path, people come and go.  Some stay for a while and others  are here- then gone faster than the clock can tick from one moment to the next.

Yet, there is one always sitting and waiting for me.  His love never leaves me and he always quietly and gently whispers “Where are you?”   He knows where I am, just like He knew where Adam was.

I am the one who doesn’t know.  I took my eyes off of him for that moment to glance upon the other friends-the ones I desire to encourage, lift up and help.

So many needing help.  So many in situations I can never imagine.  So many I may never know or have the beauty of talking with.


Some, gracing me with a full afternoon in their home as our children mingle, giggle, climb trees and chase chickens . Two families combined – in a beautiful setting. 10 children, 4 adults – how the Lord provided so much food in such little time with so much left over…..

The beauty of that day still fills my heart, much like the beauty of letters in the mail.  Thanking for encouragement, another – giving much-needed encouragement – messages left in cyber space – sharing hearts broken, torn, illness, sickness. Yet for all of the hard in the journey-love and encouragement – pointing to his beauty and grace.

In Real Grows the Heart

This sweet friend, who called first and one who met for lunch, while this one introduced me to her sweet boys.  More friends, who spent time with me and this one roomed for two nights and shared a heart of grace, mercy and wisdom, which continues to grow me.  While my heart overflowed, the Father continued to bless me through another friend who sat on the beach and shared who so often…keeps me straight – showing me the way to true grace, accepting me and loving me….

While these – they stretch me…and encourage me as they step out and run a race to share the word, the gospel.

Some of us were able to travel and meet, spend time in fellowship, while others could not.  Both hearts, having experienced many of life’s hurts, adventurous soul living life in a barn, while the other sweet one lives not far from my home town. We missed the ones who could not be there.  We read their messages, knew their hearts were set on being there. Did they know we missed them as much as they missed us?

Lunch with friends

Yet all of these hearts, each one has felt the disparity of being used, being hurt, being torn apart in one form, fashion or another.  All have been there-none has been on this earth without some hurt of a friend.

While there has been hurt, there has also been the hands to hold and fold, the tears to wipe away in the beauty of friendship as hearts grow and God heals through the sweet words of one whose experience has been similar….

But, why does the hurt need to continue?

Friendship Heals

This group, these friends, this family…and many others are seeking the love of a friend and sharing the love of the greatest friend.  No arrogance, no  desire to take and not give. Truly, hearts to serve, to love, to grow……..

and for each friend who has graced me with their presence I am forever thankful. There is no way I could possibly share each name, each story here…  but my heart is impacted by those who live near (like this sweet Mom who pushes me to get out more) and those who live too far to see daily or weekly.

I sit here, with my sweet one’s eyes in my memory. They are fast asleep. The day has been one that has been hard, but beautiful.  The hearts growing, rebelling, but seeking, longing for friendship and asking me – their mother -about friends and why they hurt us so….

and I have to ask: have you ever hurt someone – yes is the reply. Because none is perfect.

Some hurt because they are hurt.  Some, use and take because they are desperate and their hearts have not turned to Christ.  Some have no idea of the pain they leave behind.

ALL hurt because of the sin that fills the heart and spews the fruit is not visible. But, we are not to judge.  Only one can see the heart…

I read about friendship to them, my sweet littles. Verses from the Bible and across the web because there is beauty in the Golden Link of Friendship found –> on Project Gutenberg

Ad through the hurt, through the growth, through the beauty…a friendship bond grows…that loves and holds accountable….and truly the heart is healed……

FREE Friendship Printable

Friendship Printable


Have you been encouraged and lifted up?

I pray that where you are now….is one of peace and beauty as you rest in the hands of the one who loves you so much that He gave His only begotten son…for you.  Seek Him first….and share His love….



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  1. Love you sweet friend. 🙂

  2. Beautiful. It’s such an honor to be called your friend, Rebecca.

  3. Oh Rebecca….so beautifully written. You have such a heart for others. Bless you, My Friend! 🙂

    • Lauren….I consider my friends…all treasures – just chatted with Kim about the treasure hunt in this post – waiting to see who was next! I can not wait to meet you! I do consider you friend…I am blessed by you and the hard work you put into your writing and printables to help so many Moms!!!!

  4. Oh, sweet friend, another beautiful post that makes me so grateful to know you and consider you my friend. I look forward to the day when we can finally meet in person.

  5. I can say nothing other than Amen.

  6. What a beautiful and gracious post, Rebecca. You are such an encourager and a blessing to many! I am glad to have connected with you & can’t wait to get together for lunch soon!

    • Alisha,God has grown and still continues to grow me….His word tells us to lift up those around us…to edify them…not condemn them….I learned that the hard way…which is why myheart is to do what He says….so HE can heal more of the broken….YOU encourage me and push me through your knowledge and wisdom…Yes…we will have lunch soon!!!! Blessings,Rebecca

  7. 5 words… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! (yeah, I had to count! ;P )
    I wanted so badly to join you ladies last weekend. We will not be denied!

  8. My lovely, sweet friends! I am NOT jealous that I didn’t get to be in that picture. Nope. Not me. You ladies are wonderful, and I am so glad I live in an age when travel and communications are so easy that I can know you, even though you’re so far away. MWAH!

  9. Hey! I’m one of your links! I didn’t even catch that until I looked at my incoming links. You are such a blessing to me, Rebecca. I’m not sure I deserve that kind of praise. I’m mostly just a mess. 😉

  10. Such a sweet post and printable thanks for linking up at FreeBEE Fridays pinning this as well : )

  11. Beautiful post.

  12. Sonya Schroeder says:

    I don’t even know what to say! I have always been in the hurting end! It is hard but with Christ you understand the sin that is in us all and you pray for them and live them anyway! Though we have never net in person I feel the real friendship that God intended us to have! That I thank you for! It is SO hard to find a friendship that truly want to honor God! I’m so blessed and humbled to be right along side the amazing women, that will pray with us and be there when we néed anything! Love you girl! I’m thankful the Lord crossed our paths!

  13. Hey there dear sweet friend. I love you precious lady. I am so honored to have been able to spend those few wisps of time with you and the others. I look forward each day to continue to lift you and so many other dear ones up and encourage each other. The Lord has truly blessed me with mentors/friends this year alone. I cannot wait until May when so many friends in Christ get to finally meet each other. I am sure I will be a puddle of tears…

  14. How beautiful! Friends truly are the most important of all.
    I found you at Monday Musings

  15. Simply a beautiful post. Friends are such treasures and reading this made me want to reach out to each one of mine. Thank you for putting together a sweet printable for us, too.

    • Pamela, friendship – it’s always been difficult to me. Never witnessed it in my home…my mother worked non stop and truly never learned it either. It’s my desire to allow God to grow me – to bend my knees to HIm and allow others to help me sit at the cross – friendship….it is beautiful and when it is honest, it grows…..it loves and it holds accountable…to the one who is our best friend, but our Father, lovingly discipling us for his glory! You are welcome…it helps me…to stay focused on him…to remember that my friendships are about him…not me!

  16. Rebecca…what a precious post on the beauty and purpose of friendship. Thank you for sharing it at WJIM this week. I hope you continiue to link up. Blessings.