Why Your Kids Will Quit Church

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2 Timothy 2:15

We Never Went To Church

Growing up, I went to church on my own….when I went.  God and Jesus were the topic in our home…around Christmas and Easter. Generally, though…not really.  We did not read the Bible, we did not really discuss it.

We were ‘quiet Christians’. We believed in Jesus and God and that we were pretty good people and therefore, we were going to go to Heaven…cause God was just going to let us in…

I Was Taught The Bible Is A Story

In school, I learned that well..the Bible, it was a story.  I learned that what was in the Bible….was not really real.  It was really good, moral stories about different people and creation…and well, none of it really mattered.  Just the Jesus stuff did.

You know…love your neighbor and I truly did believe Jesus was the only way to get into Heaven.

I really believe that now.

I Left the Church

More than that, I see the damage that impacted my heart and took me from the church, as my heart was not truly discipled or told the truth about the Bible and what I was learning in my home.

I do not fault my parents.  Truly, they did the best they could based on what they could do and the knowledge they had.

Me, I have had more opportunity to grow my knowledge, my wisdom and my education.  Because of that and because I do teach our children, I realize, I am even more accountable for what I teach and share with my children.

Already Gone

What about you?  How are you doing in your home?  Are you concerned by the title of my post – do you want to know the full title?

Already Gone – Why Your Kids will quit Church and What You can Do to Stop It.

Ken Ham and Britt Beemer have written a fantastic book explaining why your children will stop going to church.  ‘Two-thirds of the children in your church…will leave.’


We are facing an epidemic in America – it has already wiped out churches in Europe.  Many churches in the UK have been turned into businesses or bars.  I, myself have actually gone to a night club (many years ago)…that had been a church in Denver Colorado.

It is already happening!

Already Gone is a fantastic book that explains through well-researched statistics why children are leaving the church, their concerns about the church and more information you truly can not begin to imagine.

Parent’s Role

The research boils down to a few simple facts (in my opinion).

  • Parents are not raising their children for the Lord
  • Children are being raised by Public school officials and Sunday School Teachers
  • No one is teaching children the truth about the Bible
  • Children are not learning a Biblical Worldview and how to apply it to their lives

Why Does it Matter If We Believe the Book of Genesis

Because we are teaching evolution and theistic evolution, are have unlocked a door that drives people away from the truth of God’s word.  My husband and I are perfect examples of this. We believed in God and Christ….even though we may not have been fully involved in a church that taught the truth about God’s salvation. BUT, once we began learning about evolution, we believed the Bible was some made up story…something to help you ‘behave’ well.  It impacted my husband more than me (he’ll tell you that…it’s his words)….and while he may have, I still had doubts.  The more I have read about Creation, the more I have truly spent time with God and His word, the MORE I see and know the truth of his love, grace and mercy…and the truth that He did create this beautiful world….and I love the way Ken Ham states this:

The door we’ve unlocked is the door to undermine biblical authority.  We are really saying, “We want you to take God’s Word as written according to literature and language in certain places – but not here at the beginning in Genesis.”  What we have actually done is made man the authority over God’s Word.  We have taught our children that they can take what they learn at school and can reinterpret the Bible’s clear teaching in Genesis to supposedly fit this into the bible.  By staying silent and not defending Genesis, we are “teaching” our children that we don’t have to take God’s Word as written, and man can reinterpret God’s Word according to what the majority in the culture might believe. 

Scripture teaches that if there is sin or compromise in one generation and it is not dealt with, it is usually observed to occur to a much greater extend in the next generation and so on. (pg 103-104)”

Now that I have your attention and you know you need to read this book…you have two options.

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 What are your thoughts about evolution?


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  1. My teen & I are using Ken Ham’s “Foundations” dvd curriculum right now. It speaks of this very same thing. 20 yrs ago I would have never guessed I’d see the things happening to (& in) our churches today. We have got to take this country back!

    • Cheryl, I know, it is so sad that our churches are saying that it is ok not to believe something in the Bible – sad part, that’s what they are teaching in seminaries. That very topic is discussed in the book that follows this one: Already Compromised – about kids in College

  2. My thoughts on evolution? Do you want the grown-up version, or the fingers waggling in the ears raspberry kind? 😉

    My parents are faithful Christians, but they were high school drop-outs and not very well-educated until Dad decided to become a preacher. That means that he became pretty well-educated in the Bible after getting back into school for that, but somehow completely failed to become educated in how all this stuff applies to the “real” world–the science, literature, and math world. They sent us to public schools where, as even many Christians feel today, there is a divide between the Bible and “reality”. In truth, there is no divide. I’ve never seen an evolutionary assumption that had thinking behind it other than “God isn’t science, so you have to assume there is no God.” Which is ridiculous question-begging. It took Ken Ham’s AiG, and several other online apologetics ministries to help me see all that. Praise God for those ministries!

    • Cindy, you are so right – children are being taught (and those attending seminary) that the worldview should come from the world…and just fit God in where it ‘feels good’ because ‘life is good’……I guess…that old saying about telling a lie long enough is true. I am so blessed by you…and yes, for Kin Ham and other Apologetics who stand firm on God’s word. In the end, all will stand in front of God – me, I’ll stand there knowing I’m reading and learning and letting HIM grow my heart and my knowledge….and I’ll pass that on to my children – because I will be held accountable! Thank you sweet friend!

  3. Great post Rebecca. Love your honesty.

  4. Loved this post. My thoughts on evolution is this: We did not come from apes. The planet was not created via some random events. However, I do believe that plants/animals/insects etc do change and adapt to situations and changes in their environments.

  5. Evolution? Oh, that word can cause such a rift, can’t it? I believe with every fiber in my being that I am not a child of some gorilla / ape / monkey. I KNOW I am a child of an indescribable Creator. Since my children are required to take Science course through our public school at home, I find myself on guard and constantly saying, “No, not millions of years ago. That’s a scientific theory. We know God created our world.” These are the moments I wish I was better equipped to homeschool them using my own curriculum. I’m thankful for the resources available to help me back up my beliefs with sound statements. Great post, Rebecca! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the honesty, Rebecca! Our team has had some great posts on this book…yours included!