Am I Showing Them How To Run The Race

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They race, non stop.  It’s a race to see who can win – who can be the best, the toughest, loudest, smelliest, dirtiest…..

It’s not a race I was expecting as a Mom.  My quiet home as a child, nothing like the home I am growing in now.  Mmy brothers, they were 7 and 9 years older than me.  The oldest, left this world and moved to the next – the life we all dream of when he was 14.

That left me and my brother.  But, he is 7 years older.

For me the race was to catch up with him.  But, it wasn’t a race – it was something I wanted just for a relationship, a close bond with a sibling…

and now, they race

Am I Showing Them How To Win The Race

The two boys.  I never imagined how quickly it would begin, how loud it could

And its beautiful watching the camaraderie of brothers, racing together, growing together.

I wonder, as I sit and watch, will they race for the true prize.

As they run for their Father’s hugs, will they run and race to the Father who created them.

I pray for that.

As I tuck them in after a race to see who can brush their teeth the fastest, who can be the first up the stairs and into the bed.


I realize, this is my favorite moment.  The moment where I can share, love and guide them to the Father.  Where I can run the race and help them see, no day is complete, without running it for him.

The world may tell them how great they are, how wonderful they can be, how their moments count for others and how they need to spend each and every one for the benefit of others-but if they are not grounded in His truth, when troubled times come (and they will come) – if they are not running the race for him, despair and hurt will follow.

I catch my – when others hurt and share the hurt and selfishness of the world…when they use, when they don’t shine his light and instead take and take……

but, that’s for another day.

In the end, I must ask myself

Am I running the race in front of them?  Am I shepherding their hearts, sharing his love, living in the freedom that can only be found in a relationship with him?

Am I showing them how to run this race, prepared for the competition?

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  1. I often worry about the same thing. I have competitive racing kiddos too! Am I an example to them? sigh…

  2. There is no doubt in my mind, Rebecca, that your sons are being prepared for the race. At just the right pace. Thank you for sharing this great photo, too! It brings me joy seeing the enthusiasm ‘for the race’ in those expressions but more than that, the true joy I see is in their love for one another. There is no doubt in my mind, Rebecca…

  3. BEAUTIFULLY written – the heart of a godly woman for her dear children! THANK YOU for sharing!

  4. Nice post.

  5. Oh boy, the louder they get, the more I wonder if I’m setting for them the example that you have here said. And too much I see my shortages.

  6. An important thing to ponder as a mother… Love your take on the FMF prompt!

  7. Cute picture at Cracker Barrel! Love it!

  8. Such beautiful thoughts you shared in five minutes. Your heart for your boys came through loud and clear. May they come to know the Father and may you be a good example for them.

    Blessings and love,

    • Debbie,
      I pray daily that I will set the example for them, even when I fall short. Those can be the most beautiful moments to really sit with them and share his love… Thank you for stopping by and sharing with me!

  9. Lea, thank you for your encouraging words. I pray that my children will call me blessed, but not for my glory…truly desiring to be a servant for my Father. I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  10. I love this. It is a great reminder to me that I need to be teaching and guiding them to their Heavenly Father. As well, it is an encouraging reminder that I am doing something right in encouraging my children’s relationship with each other as well. My two older children play together daily. They are each other’s best friends. We rarely have sibling fights between them. My youngest is just learning and hopefully one day they will all play together. Thank you for linking up to the prairie randomness this week. I will definitely be following you.