Go and Love to Welcome a Forever Life

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Live Forever

It’s been four years since the phone rang telling me it was time. As I left my littles with very few plans and no idea how God would carry them through the next week without me, I knew I had to go.

It was time for her to go home.

These four years have been a time of growth for my heart. A time for the pains of the past to seep and stew and then release.

It is now time for them to go and welcome the world with their lives.

New birth requires the release of pain through labor, much as a Mother labors over the birth of a newborn babe.

The same as a Mother laboring through the beauty of raising children for the beauty of God

It will be time for them to go one day to welcome others into the family of Christ.

Holding the pain, not releasing it–not sharing and giving others a chance to release is to stagnate; not share his beauty, love or grace.

It is time to release it.

To go and welcome Him in my heart.

It’s been four years, I held her hand, I told her stories and shared giggles. I wish I could say she giggled with me.

It was time for her to go and be welcomed into the life she was born to live.

I miss her. My Mom had to go, to leave this world.

But me, I’m still here. For my littles and my husband and for you.

There is no pain, no hurt, no sin so deep that makes anyone unworthy or unlovable.

Love is something we do. It’s a way to die to ourselves and shine the light in the darkest places.

GO and do it now, while there is time.

Are you Going to love and Welcome Others while there is still time??





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  1. I can feel the love for your mother in your words. I wish that I had a great relationship with my mother, but I don’t. Thanks for reminding me of the need to really love on my mom.

    • Jolene, We did not have a beautiful relationship. She had a very broken heart…it was a hard life for both of us….but God can and will redeem anything we hand over to him. YES, I LOVED her and still do. I wish I had loved Jesus more and had known him more then, I wish she had shared more of her life with me so I could understand the hurts in her heart….and now, it’s time for me..to release the pain of my past, to the one who can take it and be honest with my children and my friends….this post…it’s the beginning of me letting go so I can live. I will pray for you. All relationships can be reconciled in Christ….Please feel free to email me if you ever need to….this life is too short and you don’t want to be sitting there, holding her hand…..the way I had to with words that were not spoken in time for her to hear…and for my own heart.

      • i read your post – and i read your comment here. and i’ve prayed that this post is the beginning of a wonderful season of letting go and learning to live – not forgetting, but not burdened with the baggage of sad memories and what-ifs. praying that you see God’s redeeming hand everywhere you look!

        • Richelle, letting go of the burdens and baggage, encouraging others to step out, not feel they have to walk around with their heads hung in shame. Thank you!

      • Thanks for this encouragement. It really means a lot! God Bless!

  2. Such a powerful post… how amazing that we can help people through the door and know He is welcoming them on the other side!

    • Thank you, Barbara! Your comment is a blessing to me! Yes, we can provide a door…through simply loving and sharing His word….being disciples – going out and living life….and loving.

  3. Diana Denis says:

    “There is no pain, no hurt, no sin so deep that makes anyone unworthy or unlovable.” This has to be one of the greatest truths ever told!