Grow Relationships

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There are moments in life that a camera can not capture.  Truly, the camera can only capture the surface of any situation.  It can not capture a voice, a memory being relived in a mind, a hurt, a joy within the heart of the object it’s lens is focusing on.

Man Can Not See The Heart

It’s the same with each and every one of us.

We Can’t See Their Heart, Only the Fruit

We can see the surface, what we are allowed to see of any person. The eyes, ears and heart can be deceived by the beauty of clothing, graceful words, promises that may or may not be kept.

This same truth can be applied to our own lives. We see what we want to see in ourselves. It may be truth, or possibly not. Labeling, judging and not truly getting to the heart of who we are, not understanding the beauty of the love from the Father, who knew us from the time of creation.


I sit and consider this, as moments pass,memories are made and I watch my daughter bask in the beauty of her Grandmother.

Grow Their Relationships

That beautiful relationship between a Grandmother and Granddaughter is something that can lighten the heart and guide a young one in beautiful steps of the Father.

I sat and watched, pondered, considered and laughed as I watched them-sewing, learning, growing.

It wasn’t my memory to capture, it’s theirs – I picked up the lens to capture the moments – reminding them to forget me – forget I’m there to help capture the sweetness the beauty that we have lost in our world as families no longer stay together in one place.

We race to the four winds to capture that prize of a bigger home, more money, better clothes, a better life…..

and I wonder – did we find it?

It’s About Discipleship

But, I digress, that’s a story for another day….today, it’s the beauty of a girl and her Grandma….a beautiful testimony of discipleship.  A beautiful moment

Their special moments of learning and growing: most of all sharing and passing down a love that can only be taught by one who has lived a life.  A life full of joys and sorrows.

Moments pass, they pass quickly.  Moms, we need to capture them in our hearts and pass on to our children the wisdom and beauty that can only come from the truth knowledge we are given on this earth.

Basking In the Beauty of Love

Grow Relationships

People matter.  Relationships matter.  Families matter.

Relationships focused only on what can be used by the individual is not a relationship.  We have lost the beauty of relationships in our world, where the focus has become the perception of perfection sought through worldly means without thought of the impact of others, through not following Christ and placing him somewhere on the list below our goals, our dreams, our tasks, our minutes.

Yet, through learning about Christ, through truly studying his word and sharing it with our children and others, we grow relationships that can weather the most powerful storms we can face in this world.

I’m thankful for these sweet moments I capture, the impact they had on my sweet girl and the true love that shines in her GrandMother – my Mother through the beauty of Marriage – now, my only Mother on this earth..  I love her deeply and have for years.  Our relationship is one that grows and I pray will bless our children and their children, as we work together – even though we are distant in miles, to grow Godly children – learning to love and focus on God, while growing beautiful relationships with others.



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  1. This is lovely, friend. Thanks for sharing your heart today!

  2. Just beautiful. How blessed you both are to have each other. So many times in life, relationships like this are strained for one reason or another. I am so glad that you share such a good one with your mother-in-law and that she is now blessing your daughter, as well.

    • Lisa, remember, my Mother In Law and I have been through divorce….together. As I share more of our story, you’ll understand it….I am blessed and I am blessed that she is able to visit. I do hate that we live 1,000 miles away. LOVE YOU!