Our Homeschool Update Just before Thanksgiving

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Wow, it’s Thanksgiving. It’s been an amazing few months here. Amazing in that this Mama is growing. Growing can be difficult, can’t it. I remember growth pains from my youth and have been awakened a lot over the past few months as each of my children have hit their own individual growth spurts.

Growing in the heart and body….it’s a long process. One that is never quite finished on this Earth.

If you’re a new reader, you may have caught on that we- homeschool.

Yes, I know, you might be sitting there thinking “OH, that explains this lady’s writings….how they are ‘so all over the place”…. Yes, we homeschool. No, it isn’t easy. And…we are definitely not perfect, every day is not a bed of roses….but, it’s where we are.

Honestly, even in the muck of it, I wouldn’t change it and want to share a few highlights with you.

Disciple Your Children Through Ministry

Every day is something new and different. Last weekend, we boxed up our Operation Christmas Child gifts…and we will deliver them to our church tomorrow.

Operation Christmas Child

Geography – God created Our Topography

We began a Salt Dough map of the Northeastern portion of the US. The map is not about the US, though…it’s about the ocean. We are going to learn about sea depth, etc.

Salt Dough Map

Science – God Created All things

Our science is a hit this year. Ok, both of our topics. My youngest wanted to learn about Sea Creatures and the older two wanted to learn about Anatomy. So, we alternate days and the older two have decided that they NOW want to learn about Sea Creatures, too….

Ocean Box with Apologia Sea Creatures

We recently made our ‘cell’s with a fun experiment from Apologia using candy and jello- yes, they ate them afterwards…I just sat and watched – and laughed a whole lot! My youngest is busy with his sea box. However, we found that one of our dogs loves clay, cardboard and glue. He recently ate part of my son’s display and I laughed at the thought of “My dog ate my homework!”

Make a Cell with Jello and Candy

We are still enjoying History, but because of our Science, we are focusing on Read-Alouds and Narrating…not doing a lot on Notebooking for History today. And if you missed it, you can always enjoy the Free History Lessons Lynn at Founders Academy created special for my readers.

Language Arts – God Created Language

And, we discovered something that is already helping our Spelling problems. We just started using The Logic Of English. Yes, all three children are being taught at the same time. My little guy takes a little longer on the writing aspect, but he is able to comprehend the spelling rules and I can’t wait to share about this great program with you as we go along. This week, we worked on the first four lessons. WE covered the basic phonograms and added several new ones. We learned (I think) 5 new spelling rules and played a fun game with each lesson. So far, it’s easy to implement, the online videos (teaching me how to teach the program) have been very helpful and- like I said….I’m already seeing improvements.

Logic Of English

OK, you may want to know where i’m seeing improvements. The last update I have for homeschool is our Writing program. My older two continue to move forward with IEW A and B. I shared IEW B with you here a few weeks ago. Each lesson provides them with a paragraph they have to re-write. I love these paragraphs because not only are they learning how to write, they are learning about a new topic that week…and those topics lead to some really great discussions and ideas for unit lessons. This week, as we began our Logic of English, I noticed that words the children normally spell incorrectly, are magically being spelled correctly, without me pointing them out!

Music – God Created a Way for us To Worship Him

The children are moving along with their Suzuki, violin and piano lessons. I love watching and hearing them play. ┬áIt’s truly been a blessing to find a great location that is inexpensive in cost, but HIGH in quality!

So, that’s some of what we are up to.


This week, we’ll continue having a Logic of English lesson every day and we’ll be crafting and celebrating Thanksgiving with this great unit study about the First Thanksgiving over at Homeschool Mosaics.

I hope you enjoyed our update and pray you have a BLESSED Thanksgiving!

Every parent teaches, whether you homeschool or not…… So, my question to you is-What are you doing in your home?



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  1. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!