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I’m a Homeschool Mom who blogs and that means, I need  a blog planner to help me maintain a schedule that is beneficial for my family and you, my readers. I have discovered that a blog planner to help me organize my writing, review/sponsor opportunities, as well as maintaining an ongoing list of income and expenditures.

I also like to plan out what I’m writing to keep things moving along here, rather than becoming stuck in a rut.

Free Blog Planner Printables

There are tons of planners available for bloggers. Me, I like simple and easy to follow.  So I decided to use the one created by Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations.  It’s cute, easy to follow and it’s FREE!

Monthly Blog Planner Printable

What’s included?

  • 60 pages to print, reprint and use for years to come
  • 12 months worth of planning (that are blank so you don’t have to wade through to find a specific month)
  • Schedule to track posts, memes, reviews, giveaways and sponsored opportunities
  • Website user name/pass code sheet (I really needed this)
  • Ideas – a place to get those ideas out of your head – so you won’t ‘forget’
  • Twitter Hashtag tracker
  • Mileage sheet (because sometimes your blog drives your car)
  • Website analysis tracker
  • and MORE Weekly Planner

How I use my Blog Planner

First, I have it divided by months (monthly and weekly schedules) followed by a tab for stats. Behind my schedules, I keep a tab for expenses/income.

Within each month, I have a monthly, weekly, and review/sponsor page.  These help me keep track of what I will be accomplishing or having scheduled for that month. I need to ensure I do not double-book a twitter/facebook party, miss a review/sponsor requirement, and I can pull in the various writing topics I want to use for each month.

I also include a mileage, expense, and income sheet for each month and one for the year.  Yes, I know this is a little bit of a duplication in process, but for now it helps me keep things organized in my mind.  I also print up individual receipts for each and every purchase, mileage driven and payments received.  These are placed in the pocket of each month (as I receive them) and when I have time, I either tape/staple them to a page just behind my income/expense form and eventually those will go in my ‘annual’ tab.  Why? As a blogger, I am responsible for paying taxes on all income made and even products received for reviews and this helps keep me organized and not worrying about running around at the end of the year causing stress to something I can be proactive in doing.

Review and Giveaway Planner Printable

How I schedule

Every week, I sit down, pray over and discuss opportunities with my husband, our family’s schedule and our homeschool schedule.  We identify activities for the children and how my writing/reviewing and party schedule for my blog may or may not impact our lives.  Through this discussion, I can hone in on what I need to accomplish and what I may (possibly) need to drop.

Our lives come first.  As much as I love my blog and writing to encourage others, it can not come first.  My children are here, but a short while and I want to be the Mom God created me to be.

Necessary Supplies

Final Details

Rebecca Brandt



Disclosure:  The Blog Plan(her) by Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations is free.  I wanted to share it with my readers, as an opportunity to introduce the new Mosaics Review Team with you.  Together, we will be sharing good, authentic reviews with pros and cons of the products we use in our homes.  This review does contain affiliate links for products mentioned (other than the planner).  No compensation (outside of affiliate links) has been or will be received in exchange for this review.




Please note, this post contains affiliate links. See disclosure for full information


  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea! I am going to try it, especially now with hosting a weekly meme and doing reviews for TOS. I am a visual person and need things written and laid out in front of me. If not, I’ll never remember! :-) Hope you are well!

  2. I use and really enjoy this same planner!

  3. OK, so I wouldn’t use a planner if you paid me to. I fail miserably when I give myself assignments. Either I feel like blogging today or I don’t. But I would use expense tracking sheets and stuff. This looks pretty awesome.

  4. This sounds interesting! Right now I schedule everything on our Google calendar, but it probably would be good to be able to plan out basics in advance. Heading over to look at the planner!

  5. Mai Bateson says:

    Rebecca, this looks awesome! Very simple and user-friendly! Perfect for bloggers like me! ;-)

  6. I plan so much better with pencil and paper. With more writing responsibilities, I definitely NEED to be more organized!

  7. I downloaded this too… I LOVE it!

  8. Thank you sharing this great site! This has been the best planner I have found yet!!

    Take care,
    Frances @