How to Iron and Love it

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How to ironIf you follow my instagram account, you know that every week or maybe every other week, I pull out my iron and ironing boardto iron my husband’s work clothes.  He wears business clothes to work Monday through Friday and they need to be clean with crisp creases.

How to Iron

Personally, I do not enjoy ironing.  Well, until recently, I did not.  It seemed to take a long time – time that could be better spent doing something else.  Until recently, I did not see the beauty of serving my husband this way.  So, I began praying that God would teach me how to love ironing.

First, I began to realize that by ironing, I was saving approximately $100 a month.  Right now, with the increase in gas, water, and groceries – it’s important that we save any pennies we can.  So, that ends up being a savings of $20-$25/week.

Second, I researched the chemicals used in dry cleaning facilities.  I’m not going to go into a long and laborious account of the many hazards the dry cleaning chemicals bring into our homes and bodies (even if we do let our clothes air out in the garage, which one book/website recommended), I’ll give you the freedom and opportunity to do that on your own.

Third, this has become a beautiful time of worship for me.  While I iron, my daughter reads to me.  She has never enjoyed reading.  However, her love of words is growing and this gives us a beautiful time to share the book she is reading.  We use this time to grow our bond and she is even starting to ask questions about ironing (wink, wink).  Not only do I listen to my daughter read, I spend this time singing my favorite worship songs or listening to podcasts of sermons.  Right now, I am enjoying listening to various sermons by John MacArthur on my Grace To You app. I also listen to John Piper from Desiring God You can listen to either of these men (and many others) using your computer or many other devices.


How to Iron and Love it

So, let’s sum it up.  This is how you can iron and love it!

  • Have a child read to you
  • Sing Worship music
  • Pray
  • Listen to a podcast of a favorite theologian
  • Consider the savings
  • Remember, it is healthier for your husband and your family

What Ironing taught me

All in all, ironing has given me another opportunity to see how God loves me.  He listens to our prayers.  He listened to my prayer about ironing.  There are still days when I don’t ‘want’ to iron – until I remember this list.  Then, I can’t wait to drag the clothes out of the closet and iron away!

What do you need to learn to love doing in your home?


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Rebecca Brandt






Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

Please note, this post contains affiliate links. See disclosure for full information


  1. Love this post :) I think I might be in the minority – I really like to iron, I just wait until I have a pile so that I can do it all at once. It’s very soothing and repetitive, and it’s easy to let my mind wander and pray!

  2. Rebecca, these are wonderful ideas to gild with gold what could be a miserable experience. I detest and deplore ironing AND I’m horrid at it! Himself irons his own clothes as he’s done since he was in college. He’s much better at it than I.

    However, I can apply your marvelous tips to other chores, such as scrubbing the bathroom!

  3. I don’t like to iron at all and have been trying to discover a way to like it more. Thanks for this post.

  4. You’re so right on all accounts … it can be used as a time for worship. Even though I sometimes forget to do it, I find the act of ironing so calming. And I think I’ll have my son start to read his stories to me while I’m doing it. Such a lovely idea.

    Thank you, Rebecca! Found you today through The Mom Initiative. :)

  5. This is beautiful–and a wonderful reminder of the power of serving our families. Thank you!

  6. Oooh, these are great ideas! I hardly ever have to iron, and if I do it’s usually the last 5 minutes before we have to leave for a wedding/funeral, so it’s very stressful! Maybe I should just do what you said and iron all his shirts in advance while listening to podcasts – LOVE J Mac and Pipe!! :D

  7. This was a great post. I do not like ironing, mostly because I am not good at it. I should probably watch some You Tube to get more skills for it. However when i see a husband whose pants and shirt are wrinkled and they look like they get out of bed my first thought is usually (as uncharitable as it might be)….wow his wife let him put on his clothes looking like that. You are building up your husband when you help him look put together.

  8. My husband is likely changing jobs very soon and I will need to start ironing his clothes (now he wears a uniform). I detest ironing and it was the thing I was most dreading about this new position! LOL Thank you so much for this post! I will definitely put these tips into practice!!

  9. For several years, I haven’t had the privilege of ironing or caring for my husbands clothes. We’ve been separated and he’s taken them to the dry cleaner. Now, things are going better between us and he’s bringing the shirts to me to iron. Can I just say how much I’ve missed “helping” my husband? What a blessing to be able to care for him and serve your husband in this way. I don’t enjoy ironing, but it has become special time in the kitchen where I listen to sermons or singing also. And I pray for my husband and marriage as I press out every wrinkle!

    • Julie,
      OH, your comment – broke my heart and refreshed it at the same time. My husband and I married, divorced and remarried. I will pray for you – your family, your marriage, your heart, for healing and for God to bind you in a beautiful marriage that will shine his light!!! Thank you for being open and sharing your heart here – you are a blessing!