Real Refreshment Retreats for Homeschool Moms

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Real Refreshment for Homeschool Moms

Dear Sweet Mom, how are you doing today?  Has it been a day where every task has been difficult on the heart?  If so, you are not alone.  You and I – we have struggles and we need refreshment. Refreshment can be found when it is sought.

But, what if you homeschool?  Do you homeschool?  I do.  Being a Mom, a stay at home mom who homeschools adds another layer of necessity for refreshment and encouragement.  It can be difficult to find retreats where we are ‘not alone’ in how we educate our children.  Many of us won’t discuss or mention homeschool while we are attending a retreat.  We don’t want the questions or the judgements that may or may not come from mentioning homeschool.

We just want refreshment and encouragement. We want to know we are not alone.

Retreats for Homeschool Moms

That is exactly why Rachael Carman from Apologia decided to host Real Refreshment Retreats for Homeschool Moms.

Pam Tebow at Real Refreshment

Last year, I attended Real Refreshment Retreats from Apologia in Atlanta.  It was a wonderful weekend of worship, prayer and refreshing encouragement. It was called Apologia Live last year.

This year, the name has changed, but the essence of the retreat has not.  In all honesty, I think the new name truly captures the essence of Apologia’s heart for Homeschool Moms across the world.

Apologia Real Refreshment

Speakers for Real Refreshment Retreats

I was blessed to hear Pam Tebow,  Rachael Carman, Jeannie Fulbright , Zan Tyler, Deb Bell and Elizabeth Smith speak last year.  These blessed women are walking or have already walked this path and know exactly where we are and what we need.  All of these women (except Pam Tebow) will be speaking again this year – in addition to one speaker I did not get to hear last year, Heidi St. John.

I am super excited to be attending Real Refreshment in Atlanta again!  I know it will be a wonderful weekend of refreshment with some of my very best friends and I will be encouraged by the speakers.

I would love for you to join me in Atlanta or other Moms in Baltimore for this special weekend to refresh and renew your heart.  I know that most Moms don’t like taking time away from their family or spending money on themselves.  This is different though.  Your family needs you refreshed and encouraged.  If you are encouraged in Christ and your homeschool journey, you will be better equipped to meet the needs of your family in the year to come. You will also get to meet the Mom behind Teach Them Diligently.  Rumor has it, they are now a sponsor of Real Refreshment and this means you are in for a spectacular time as Apologia and Teach Them Diligently work together to equip, encourage and refresh all Homeschool families.

So, come on – register with a special discount code. Enter “Rebecca” in the “Special Needs” Box and you will receive your registration for $80,(rather than $115).

Real Refreshment Registration Discount Code

Which event are you attending?

Rebecca Brandt




Disclosure: I am a Refreshed Mom and will receive admission and accommodations to Real Refreshment in exchange for helping with marketing the event. This post contains affiliate links.
Please note, this post contains affiliate links. See disclosure for full information
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  1. Oh, wow, these sound wonderful! I would love to be able to attend. I wish you would be going to Baltimore, as that is much closer to me here in PA than Atlanta is. 🙁 I am supposed to choose a speaker I would like to hear, and even though they all sound wonderful, I think I would like to hear Jeannie, as my children have used the books she has written and we enjoy them so much!

    • Lisa, Jeannie is an absolutely amazing woman. I am blessed to live near her… and used to attend the same church. I wish you could come to Atlanta, too!

  2. They all sound excellent. I would love to hear Rachael Carman!

  3. I would like to meet all of them but I would be really excited to meet Jeannie Fulbright & Zan Tyler. 🙂

  4. Gabreial W. says:

    I would love to meet Heidi & Zan!

  5. I would love to hear & meet Heidi St. John 🙂

  6. I would love to meet Heidi St. John. I have heard her online but never in person.

  7. I’ve met Heidi and she was so helpful and humble even though they’d had a rough RV trip. I’d love to see her again and also Jeannie Fulbright.

  8. I would love to hear ALL of these precious women but especially Heidi and Rachael. (I’ve been blessed by Jeannie at our Mom’s Winter Tea in our homeschool group and would enjoy seeing her again too)

  9. All the women would be wonderful to hear from, Heidi of course. Though I would also look forward to hearing from Zan Tyler.

  10. This would be wonderful! Thank you!

  11. i would love to meet Heidi St. John!

  12. I would love to meet Heidi! Her blog is great 🙂