Ready for More than Ordinary

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It’s another day here.  I wake before dawn, press the button on the coffee pot, settle in with my Bible and am hit with the reality that this sinful heart has far to go in this life.  This life that is bent on transforming into the image my heart longs to reflect.

I hear everyone else in the home, deep in their sleep.  Little ones with their breath reaching out into the cool of the air. My husband….tossing and turning.  I know his mind has not fully turned off and his alarm will wake him soon.

Ordinary Sublime

Every day seems the same.  Just an ordinary day in our home.  Wake, read, cook, teach, learn, clean, laugh, sing, dance, make a mess, cry, heart talks, sin, hurt feelings and that never-ending list I didn’t think about before I became a Mom.

The unending meals that need to be prepared, the laundry that could truly make Mt. Rushmore blush at times and the nonstop traffic on the floors that show the wear and tear of boisterous boys too busy to remember ‘please take your shoes off at the door.’

It’s another ordinary day here.

In the midst of he monotony and often chaos within that same gray day, I get a glimpse of the future.  I see growth that occurred during the night as their eyes reach closer and closer to mine.  My sweet one turns her head and my breath is taken away, because the sweet child in front of me is growing closer to being a woman with each day that passes.

And the ordinary slips away.

I’m reminded – this time is fleeting. I can’t be bogged down in the normal.  Nor will I accept it. I have to push forward, remember each moment is a gift and this time will slip through my hands like the sand at the beach over the summer.

I will blink and this ordinary it will be gone.

So, I look at the list, the unending meals, the Mt. Rushmore of Laundry and I gather the troops.  We conquer the mundane together.  We find laughter, joy and comeraderi that only comes from living this life together – serving one another, not settling for ordinary, but seeking the unbearable beauty of love and service and today – it’s Friday…

Today, is another chance to break out of the ordinary to be more than we are – to become what we were created to be. We’re slipping on boots, gloves and hats- driving and heading to our Friday destination.  Horses and animals that need help.  They need food and there are stalls that need to be cleaned.

And I realize – ordinary-is what you make it. Me, I’m tired of the mundane and sinking my head.  I’m ready to sing the joyful songs and end each day knowing – ordinary is sublime when I stop reflecting on what seems impossible and I hand it over and realize – it’s a perfect opportunity to be more and do more than just survive – but to live a life of freedom…

In the more than ordinary

What are you doing today to create a “ordinary sublime” – a more than ordinary life?

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Rebecca Brandt

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  1. love this. taking the ordinary and turning them into more. it is the challenge of every day, and i don’t want to lose the opportunity either. time moves too quickly to waste it.
    blessed by your sharing!

  2. loved your word choice… “ordinary sublime,” because it is the most mundane, the most ordinary that often I find the most amazing beauty!

    great post!

  3. So well said. Thanks for the challenge and the reminder of how true this all is.

  4. Very nice! I agree: ordinary doesn’t have to mean dull or less than. I appreciate your glimpse of the future in your children. Those moments take my breath away. Visiting from 5MF

  5. Reckling Sara says:

    Beautiful reminder!

  6. This is a beautiful post, Rebecca. What mom doesn’t feel bogged down by the ordinary every now and then? Thanks (as always) for the inspiring perspective.

  7. Absolutely, beautifully written!! Ordinary sublime… wonderful!

  8. I love this. I’m the *worst* for thinking that ordinary days aren’t quite good enough. Thrill-seeking is fun, but contentment in our everyday duties is more commendable. You always make me feel more at peace with these mothering posts. Thanks. :-)

    • I want people to feel at peace – in any giving moment – as long as they are following God. Without God – there can be no peace – regardless of mundane or super duper fun. Give me Peace with god, but please don’t give me a cheerleader speech without him – LOVE YA! Gotta keep it real ‘here’

  9. Another beautiful post. It is amazing how “ordinary” was on so many people’s minds these last few days, as I wrote about it on Monday on my blog, as well. I believe that God can give us the most amazing gifts through our “ordinary” lives and days, that if we are keeping our heads down, as you said, we will not see them. What precious gifts we have missed from Him because of it. I am striving to see the beauty He has given me in every “ordinary” moment and day. Hope you are well friend! Miss you!

    • Lisa, yes you are so right. Our ordinary shines His Sublime and ‘extra’ ordinary. I’m doing well. I’ll email you soon (hopefully today)

  10. What a beautiful post – and it’s true that these days slip by quickly. (our homeschooling days are done and the kids are grown and gone)

    Last week I went through some old photos looking for a specific photo from when my husband and I were engaged. It made me realize that at each moment in time, THAT was the perfect moment!

    So true – “ordinary is sublime when I stop reflecting on what seems impossible and I hand it over and realize – it’s a perfect opportunity to be more and do more than just survive – but to live a life of freedom…”

    • Thank you Lori – I forget – often – in the midst of the day to grab on to the ordinary. But, I’m learning and growing. Thank you for your comment!

  11. I absolutely loved this post! Wow, you said it all so well, and what a great reminder for all moms. I would love it if you would share this at my Tuesday link up party:
    I know my readers would be blessed & encouraged by it!

    • Kathie, Thank you for the invite. I just dropped by and linked up. I love your blog and can’t wait to spend more time there!